Throwback: “Fiend” by Coal Chamber!

Widely recognised as the heaviest and most aggressive album from Los Angeles Californian Nu-Metal quartet Coal Chamber, “Dark Days” was produced by Ross Hogarth and appeared via Roadrunner Records in May 2002. It was the album that sowed the seeds for vocalist Dez Fafara’s next project, Groove Metallers Devildriver┬áafter tensions within the band that boiled over into physical violence on stage later attributed to drugs led to Coal Chamber’s activities ceasing in October if that year. The album itself features some of the bands finest work, including lead single “Fiend”, a track that also features in its music video the car that every Metal Head kid wanted to own back in the day. Proving to the naysayers that Coal Chamber were more than just the one trick pony that some had suggested, they did reform minus original bassist Rayna Rose-Foss in 2015 for a new album “Rivals” however the short lived return ended as quickly as it had begun…

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