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Playthrough: “Hit It Back” from Diamond Construct!

Special guests on the Cane Hill and Blood Youth co-headlining European tour trek rescheduled for March 2023, Australians Diamond Construct have long been the toast of our town. Filmed by Alpha Wolf guitarist Sabina Lynch the band have shared a guitar playthrough for recent single “Hit It Back” with a seven string Mayones Regius guitar

Documentary: Diamond Construct in Australia!

Behind the scenes footage of the first week of the “A Quiet Place To Die” Australian tour that sees Diamond Construct supporting Alpha Wolf has surfaced ahead of their February European tour with Blood Youth and Cane Hill. At the same time the first fan filmed footage of the band performing new single “Hit It

NEWS: Diamond Construct hit it back…

…with some GTA style graphics the much teased new single “Hit It Back” from Diamond Construct has finally landed. Mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Void Of Vision, Alpha Wolf), it’s been given the full music video treatment by former Aversions Crown vocalist  Colin Jeffs of Ten Of Sword Collective, which leaves us wondering if

Documentary: The first headlining tour of Diamond Construct #2!

Special guests on the Blood Youth and Cane Hill co-headlining tour that kicks off in February, Diamond Construct have thrown down the second episode of the tour diary that accompanied their first headlining tour in Australia in May this year. The Nu-Metalcore merchants EP “DCX2”, mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Polaris, Gravemind, Void Of

Playthrough: “Psychosis” from Diamond Construct!

It has to be said that we found the title “pedal playthrough” for this clip from guitarist Braden Groundwater of Tech-Metal inspired Metalcore quartet Diamond Construct hilarious until pushing play. At that point witnessing him stepping up and down on his DigiTech Wammy V5, Boss Harmonist Ps-6 and MXR Carbon Copy Delay while playing a

Bootleg: “Enigma” from Diamond Construct!

Pro-shot at The Brightside in Brisbane Queensland Australia on 22nd May 2021 (last month!) here’s “Enigma” cut from the set of Gloom Metallers Diamond Construct. Not only has the audio been mixed and mastered but the footage is multicam and was edited by former Aversions Crown vocalist Collin Jeffs of Ten Swords Media Collective, so

Documentary: The first headlining tour of Diamond Construct!

Back on the road again, Australian Nu-Metalcore merchants Diamond Construct have shared behind the scenes footage of their first headlining tour as they zigzag their way across their native territories from Newcastle to Sydney. It is the first run for their current EP “DCX2”, mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Polaris, Gravemind, Void Of Vision)

Documentary: Diamond Construct return to the stage!

Representing Gloom Metal pioneers Loathe, Australians Diamond Construct have shared this behind the scenes footage that sees them build up to their first show after a year of lockdown at The Tivoli Theatre in Brisbane. The show acts as something of a warm up for their May run with Mirrors which has half of the

Bootleg: Diamond Construct at Knotfest!

That’s right, the full 16 minutes of Australian Nu-Metalcore merchants Diamond Construct set at Knotfest 2020 has been released by the band themselves. The set includes a trio of songs from their August released “DCX2” EP, mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Polaris, Gravemind, Void Of Vision) in “Enigma“, “Generic” and “Psychosis” from the live

Documentary: The Making of “Psychosis” with Diamond Construct!

Given all of the teeny tiny social media inducing clips that some bands, labels and promoters are throwing out these days it’s nice to see that Australian Nu-Metalcore outfit Diamond Construct have chosen to throw us a bone with a solid near 23 minutes of action around the making of their music video for “Psychosis“.