NEWS: Diamond Construct return to Jynx their new label…

Its a curse. Its a hex. Its a jynx. No, it’s the first new single in two years from Diamond Construct, a band who have done so many laps of their native Australia that they’ve worn a hole in its very fabric. They have announced that they have inked a deal with US label Pale Chord for North American representation with Greyscale Records handling the rest of the world. The track is of course accompanied by an obligatory music video, this time shot by former Aversions Crown frontman Colin Jeffs of Ten Of Swords Media.

The band comment: “It feels incredible to partner up with our second label, and humbling to know that four guys from small towns have the opportunity to make a wave on this giant planet… We wanted to write something heavy for the people who resonate with our faster, heavier stuff… This one sets a new standard for us.

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