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Review: “Angel Killer Zero” by Diamond Construct

Having put themselves as well as the town of Taree in New South Wales Australia on the map with their career to date, Diamond Construct have long been a band threatening to break free of the chains of their homeland and go truly international. After all, statistics don’t lie and the Tech-Metal infused Nu-Metalcore quartet

NEWS: Diamond Construct find their Hell!

Having completed so many laps of Australia that they’ve gone back in time, heavy hitters Diamond Construct are set to join AM//PM throughout April and May, visiting Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra, Penrith, Albury, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. That run will be a celebration of their sophomore album “Angel Killer Zero”, a 26th April release

NEWS: Diamond Construct prepare for War once more!

Mixed and mastered by the legend that is Lance Prenc (Polaris, Thornhill, Alpha Wolf) and accompanied by a music video for new single “Switchblade OST” directed by long time collaborator and former Aversions Crown vocalist Colin Jeffs of Ten Of Swords Collective comes the announcement of a new album from Australian homewreckers Diamond Construct. Titled

NEWS: Diamond Construct return to Jynx their new label…

Its a curse. Its a hex. Its a jynx. No, it’s the first new single in two years from Diamond Construct, a band who have done so many laps of their native Australia that they’ve worn a hole in its very fabric. They have announced that they have inked a deal with US label Pale

Playthrough: “Hypno” from Diamond Constuct!

Live, raw and unedited dedicated drum GoPro footage of Diamond Constuct playing “Hypno” in Brisbane Australia at the Fortitude Music Hall has emerged in cyberspace. A demonstration of prowess, it’s a fine example of the DJent fuelled Nu-Metalcore axt at their finest and another reason why you shouldn’t sleep on witnessing them live if they should

Bootleg: Diamond Construct in Brisbane!

Australian DJentlemen Diamond Construct have shared 10 minutes of unedited raw footage from their show at the Fortitude Music Hall in Brisbane on the Decade Of Divination tour with In Hearts Wake, Stray From The Path and Gloom In The Corner. Filmed by professional videographer Rein Blunt (also know as Make It Rein) it includes

Playthrough: “Hit It Back” from Diamond Construct!

Special guests on the Cane Hill and Blood Youth co-headlining European tour trek rescheduled for March 2023, Australians Diamond Construct have long been the toast of our town. Filmed by Alpha Wolf guitarist Sabina Lynch the band have shared a guitar playthrough for recent single “Hit It Back” with a seven string Mayones Regius guitar

Documentary: Diamond Construct in Australia!

Behind the scenes footage of the first week of the “A Quiet Place To Die” Australian tour that sees Diamond Construct supporting Alpha Wolf has surfaced ahead of their February European tour with Blood Youth and Cane Hill. At the same time the first fan filmed footage of the band performing new single “Hit It

NEWS: Diamond Construct hit it back…

…with some GTA style graphics the much teased new single “Hit It Back” from Diamond Construct has finally landed. Mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Void Of Vision, Alpha Wolf), it’s been given the full music video treatment by former Aversions Crown vocalist  Colin Jeffs of Ten Of Sword Collective, which leaves us wondering if

NEWS: Blood Youth look for “Something To Numb The Pain”!

How many Blood Youth singles does it take to sink a battleship? A fifth single from an album the band recorded immediately before the first UK lockdown in March 2020 has surfaced in “Something To Numb The Pain” as the band continue their tour with Death Blooms across the country. The first with new vocalist