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NEWS: Skywalker suffer “Every Grief”?

The post-hardcore musings of Skywalker have them inking a deal with Pale Chord for the release of their new album which looks like it is set to feature previous singles “Setting Stone” which features Florent Salfati of Landmvrks and “Soundtrack” as well as “Every Grief“, which has surfaced today. The band have mentioned that the

Interview: Spiritbox on TrueShot Guest Spot!

Sitting on the sidelines we’ve found it amazing how a new band with just a few singles out in TrueShot have used lockdown to build a reaction video based YouTube channel and then add to those foundations with a wealth of other content, including an interview series at effortlessly achieve the better part of 7k

Interview: Spiritbox Q&A and “Rule Of Nines”!

Including a vocal playthrough of “Rule of Nines” from Courtney Laplante, Victoria British Columbia residents Spiritbox have shared a Q&A session via label Pale Chord. It seems they are inspired despite having returned home from their run with After The Burial and are working on new material.

NEWS: Spiritbox count their blessings!

Victoria British Columbia Canada natives Spiritbox will be joining After The Burial, Make Them Suffer and Polar very shortly on a European trek that will take them from Eindhoven Netherlands to Hannover Germany via London England. New single “Blessed Be” dropped earlier today to get the party started, so will it be in their live

NEWS: Spiritbox prefer the “Rule Of Nines” to a Magic Eight Ball?

Joining After The Burial in Europe in March 2020 will be Spiritbox. The female fronted Tech Infused Alternative Metallers from Victoria, British Columbia Canada unfurled the sales on a new single in “Rule Of Nines” over the weekend after a singles collection via Pale Chord earlier in the year. New album by then? Well Christmas

NEWS: “Pain In Purpose” from Capsize!

Southern Californian Post-hardcore quintet Capsize have returned with another new single, just a month after the previous on. The song, entitled “Pain In Purpose” follows “Blind” and “Fragile” as the band work towards releasing a brand new long awaited album. No doubt it will be announced shortly via Pale Chord Records.

OLD NEWS: Capsize release “Fragile” single!

In case you missed it, Southern California post hardcore quartet Capsize released a new single and video entitled “Fragile” on Friday! The band are well overdue for a new album having only released 2017 single “Cold Shoulder” since 2016’s full length “A Reintroduction: The Essence of All That Surrounds Me”. The band have changed labels