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NEWS: “Through Fire” from Antagonist A.D!

Taking the heavy and abrasive elements of the 2003 era early Metalcore sound and injecting it into Hardcore, Australians Antagonist A.D teamed up with Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou who recorded and mixed their EP “Through Fire” at his very own God City Studios, while Brad Boatright handled the Mastering situation over at Audiosiege back in

Bootleg: Diamond Construct at Knotfest!

That’s right, the full 16 minutes of Australian Nu-Metalcore merchants Diamond Construct set at Knotfest 2020 has been released by the band themselves. The set includes a trio of songs from their August released “DCX2” EP, mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Polaris, Gravemind, Void Of Vision) in “Enigma“, “Generic” and “Psychosis” from the live

Bootleg: “Generic” from Diamond Construct!

Following Hacktivist and October Ends in sharing tracks cut from their sets for the Pulse Of The Maggots online streaming festival hosted by Knotfest.com are Australian talents Diamond Construct. They’ve chosen “Generic” from their recent offering “DXC2” out now via Australian major label Greyscale Records for the purpose. The four track EP is a tasteful follow

Interview: Make Them Suffer talk “How To Survive A Funeral”!

Australian label Greyscale Records have started a new interview series in house working through their roster of artists and the second episode sees guitarist Nick McLernon & vocalist Sean Harmanis of Make Them Suffer giving us the low down on their fourth album “How To Survive A Funeral” which is out now.

Documentary: The Making of “Psychosis” with Diamond Construct!

Given all of the teeny tiny social media inducing clips that some bands, labels and promoters are throwing out these days it’s nice to see that Australian Nu-Metalcore outfit Diamond Construct have chosen to throw us a bone with a solid near 23 minutes of action around the making of their music video for “Psychosis“.

Playthrough: “Guidance From The Pain” from Justice For The Damned!

The latest in the Cayem Discover series sees Justice For The Damned sticksman Chas Levi playthrough “Guidance From The Pain” from their brilliant “Pain Is Power” record which is of course out now via Greyscale Records. The band have a European tour trek lined up with Texas heavy hitters Kublai Khan just waiting to happen…

Review: “DCX2” by Diamond Construct

Back in July it was announced that the Australian dream team were back giving a helping hand to Diamond Construct with Lance Prenc (Polaris, Gravemind, Void Of Vision) recording, mixing and mastering this new EP and Colin Jeffs (ex-Aversions Crown, Tongues) directing a music video for “Psychosis”. The band, a Tech-Metal infused Metalcore quartet, comprising vocalist

NEWS: Are Diamond Construct an “Enigma”?

As if Producing, Mixing and Mastering the upcoming Alpha Wolf album wasn’t enough, Lance Prenc (Polaris, Gravemind, Void Of Vision) has also been hard at work helping out Diamond Construct. 28th August via Greyscale Records will see “DCX2” drop from the sky. They’ve tapped up Colin Jeffs (ex-Aversions Crown, Tongues) to direct a music video

Playthrough: “Gates Of Hell” from Antagonist A.D.!

Filmed by Jai Morrow, guitarists Matt Livingstone and Kevin Cameron from Antagonist A.D. have performed a guitar playthrough for “Gates Of Hell“. The track appears on the bands EP “Through Fire” which was produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou at God City Studios and will no doubt take pride of place in the set when