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NEWS: Agonist A.D. set heads spinning!

The arsonists that are Australian Metallic Hardcore crew Antagonist A.D. will be returning on 3rd June with “Through Fire All Things Are Renewed” appearing via Greyscale Records. If the title seems familiar it’s because the album comprises the bands pair of previously released EPs “Through Fire” and “All Things” along with a third EP “Are

NEWS: Saviour escape the Mummy’s Curse?

Celebrating the triumph that is their new album “Shine & Fade“, Australian Modern Metalcore merchants Saviour have dropped a video for an obvious single in “Modern Curse“, which is enough use of the word “Modern” in one sentence. “Old School” just sounds better. Seriously though, as we said in our review of the album, one

Review: “Shine & Fade” by Saviour

A decade after 2012’s “We Were Once Lions“, Perth Australian Melodic Hardcore six piece Saviour are still as hungry as ever and welcoming guitarist Curtis Tunks to the fold in 2019, new album “Shine & Fade” offers the first opportunity for him to sink his teeth into the band he has been part of for

NEWS: Saviour survive the flood?

Perth Australian Melodic Hardcore six piece Saviour have offered up another glimpse at what their future holds with “Tidal Wave” the latest single from their Greyscale Records releasing 29th April new album “Shine & Fade“. Pre-orders for that are available over at bandcamp with previous singles “Reshape Me” and “Younger” arriving immediately upon order from

Playthrough: “Younger” from Saviour!

…with just over a month to the 29th April release of their new album “Shine & Fade” via Greyscale Records, Australian Post-Hardcore inspired Metalcore act Saviour have shared a guitar playthrough video for “Younger” that sees Curtis using an Ormsby Hypermachine Silver Pearl and Daniel using an Ormsby DC GTR Violaceous armed with Ernie Ball

NEWS: Diamond Construct hit it back…

…with some GTA style graphics the much teased new single “Hit It Back” from Diamond Construct has finally landed. Mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Void Of Vision, Alpha Wolf), it’s been given the full music video treatment by former Aversions Crown vocalist  Colin Jeffs of Ten Of Sword Collective, which leaves us wondering if

NEWS: Saviour get reshaped by Greyscale?

In the year that sees them celebrating the 10th Anniversary of “We Were Once Lions“, Perth  Australian Melodic Hardcore six piece Saviour have announced their signing to Greyscale Records with a new single titled “Reshape Me“. At the label they join the likes of Diamond Construct, Justice For The Damned and Antagonist A.D. which could

Bootleg: “Enigma” from Diamond Construct!

Pro-shot at The Brightside in Brisbane Queensland Australia on 22nd May 2021 (last month!) here’s “Enigma” cut from the set of Gloom Metallers Diamond Construct. Not only has the audio been mixed and mastered but the footage is multicam and was edited by former Aversions Crown vocalist Collin Jeffs of Ten Swords Media Collective, so

Bootleg: “Reveal” from Gravemind!

After the success of their Lance Prenc (Void Of Vision, Polaris, Alpha Wolf) mixed and mastered album “Conduit”, Gravemind took to the road for some sold out headlining shows and have thrown a rendition of “Reveal” to those wanting more. The performance was filmed at 170 Russell, in Melbourne Australia and given the six person camera

Documentary: Diamond Construct return to the stage!

Representing Gloom Metal pioneers Loathe, Australians Diamond Construct have shared this behind the scenes footage that sees them build up to their first show after a year of lockdown at The Tivoli Theatre in Brisbane. The show acts as something of a warm up for their May run with Mirrors which has half of the