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Documentary: Crazy Tour Stories with Devildriver!

In the Digital Tour Bus seat and surrounded by his prized equipment, Devildriver guitarist Michael Spreitzer tells a tale of an incident in the mountains during Ozzfest in 2004 and his second ever tour with the band. If you missed it, the first half of the Santa Barbara Groove Metallers double album “Dealing with Demons”

Documentary: Devildriver guitarist duo get rigged with Gear Gods!

Devildriver guitarists Mike Spreitzer and Neal Tiemann have been a partnership for 5 years, playing on the bands albums “Trust No One“, “Outlaws ’til the End” and “Dealing With Demons“. In this latest episode of the Rigged series from Gear Gods, they go through their setups for recording and live so you can see what

Interview: Devildriver talk “Dealing With Demons”!

We’re calling it an interview, you might call it a documentary but either way in this newly released clip from Napalm Records, Devildriver frontman Dez Farfara talks through the bands freshly out of the gates of Hell album “Dealing With Demons“, going track by track and sharing his thoughts. The clean vocals on “Wishing” are

Review: “Dealing With Demons” by Devildriver

The long awaited return of Santa Barbara California Groove Metallers Devildriver is finally over with the release of a ninth studio album. Back in April 2018 Dez Farfara announced that the band had 48 songs written to be cut to 22 for a two part double album, the second part of which is slated for

Interview: Devildriver talk “Dealing With Demons”!

Billed as your definitive Devildriver “Dealing With Demons” interview, the latest episode of Mosh Talks sees Beez from Knotfest talk to frontman Dez Fafara about their upcoming 9th October drop via Napalm Records. The conversation includes talk of the risks taken with the clean vocals on “Wishing“, something never done before…

NEWS: Devildriver wishing their lives away?

Absolutely no one expected clean vocals from Dez Farfara on new Devildriver single “Wishing” but it seems that “Dealing with Demons” has had that effect on him. Sonically the track reminds of “Sail” with the new album just a week away on 2nd October via Napalm Records. No date has yet been set for part

Interview: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About… Devildriver!

…with a new album in “Dealing With Demons” on the way, Devildriver frontman Dez Fafara has started doing the rounds with the media. Alternative Press have tapped him up to do a new entry in their “10 Things You Didn’t Know” series and it’s good fun. The album from the Santa Barbara California Groove Metallers

Interview: Devildriver talk “Dealing with Demons” with Heavy New York!

The second longest serving member of Santa Barbara Groove Metallers Devildriver, guitarist Michael Spreitzer spoke to Heavy New York in an oven fresh interview to discuss the bands upcoming new album “Dealing with Demons“, music theory and his favorite cuts from the bands 9 albums so far. The bands 2003 self titled debut probably shouldn’t

Playthrough: “Nest of Vipers” from Devildriver!

You don’t get more of a tease than this. Just the guitar solo out of “Nest of Vipers” from the upcoming new Devildriver album “Dealing with Demons“. That’s all, no more, no less. Fortunately, Neal Tiemann delivers an absolute ripper. It’s labelled as a part #1 with a second volume expected within 12 months from

NEWS: Devildriver escape from the “Nest of Vipers”?

Complete with a music video that looks like it was cut from the Robert Rodriguez series “From Dusk Til Dawn“, Devildriver have offered us a third single from their upcoming album “Dealing with Demons“. Going by the name “Nest Of Vipers“, the cut follows “Iona” and “Keep Away From Me” from the ten track affair