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Review: “The Drakketh Saga” by Dragoncorpse

How can we put this? Lets try this… An actively growing concern since 2021 that has brought a trio of singles to the King’s table thus far, Dragoncorpse are an intriguing international prospect. Depending on where you look Dragoncorpse the bands sound has been defined as Death Metal that seamlessly blends Deathcore and Power Metal

NEWS: Within Destruction and Monasteries join forces in April!

This time next month Slamming Deathcore giants Within Destruction will be reducing a venue near you to rubble with support from Monasteries as the pair play cuts from “Yokai” and “Silence” across the length and breadth of Skull Island. The band with the deathwish will then head over to Australia and the US for a summer

Review: “Yokai” by Within Destruction

Life is about choices. Each choice that you make creates a fork in the road with a path that you went down and several that you could have just left as a possible subplot or piece of backstory that didn’t happen. Within Destruction have established themselves as one of the most brutal acts out of

NEWS: Within Destruction stay in Japan!

If Within Destruction got a lot of heat for their previous single “Hate Me“, then what’s going to happen with this new one “Malevolent“? One month on and again the music video is steeped in Anime culture from Japan… It’s labeled as the second single from unnamed, undated album, the follow up to the brutal

NEWS: Within Destruction just want to be loved?

Tech-Fest bound Within Destruction are preparing for a new album and thrown us a new single by the name of “Hate Me” complete with a music video directed by Shun Murakami. On this evidence the Slovenian quartet aren’t going to be letting up any of the brutality that Artery Global delivered us with “Deathwish“!

NEWS: Within Destruction leave “Self Hatered”!

Slovenian Slamming Deathcore crew Within Destruction have released a music video for “Self Hatered” from their current Unique Leader released album “Deathwish”! The quintet will be returning to the US for an extended run with Lorna Shore, Enterprise Earth and Bodysnatcher in March!

NEWS: “Self-Hatred” from Within Destruction!

Under investigation by the Slam Police are Slovenian Deathcore heavyweights Within Destruction. Their March release “Deathwish” is blindingly heavy and a fantastic addition to the Artery Recordings catalogue. The band dropped a video for the anvil heavy “Self-Hatred” earlier today. It’s brewtal.

Playthrough: “False Revelation” by Within Destruction!

Taken from their March release “Deathwish”, Within Destruction have released a drum playthrough of “False Revelation”. The album was produced by Will Putney with Drums tracked by Albert-Mario Lampel. You can pickup a copy of “Deathwish” by the Slovenian Slam Crew over at bandcamp.