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Playthrough: “Werewolf” from Dehydrated!

Good things come to those who wait? Isn’t that what they say? We all had to wait an extra couple of weeks while Tomsk Serbian female fronted Death Metallers Dehydrated returned to the studio to record a Russian language version of the title track of their current EP “Piranha or Whale?” back in September 2019, but

Review: “Piranha or Whale?” EP by Dehydrated

Having delayed the release of “Piranha or Whale?” in order to record “something special”, we’ve had to wait a couple of weeks to review the latest offering from Tomsk Serbian female fronted Death Metallers Dehydrated. They’ve been around for the past 5 years with a trio of albums (2010’s “Duality of Existence”, 2012’s “Zone Beneath

NEWS: Dehydrated add some DJent with “Hell Doesn’t Exist”!

A while back female fronted Serbian Death Metallers Dehydrated teased us that they were recording a new EP and finally the wait is over! The new 6 track affair, oddly entitled “Piranha or Whale?” has been scheduled to surface from the depths on 2nd September with pre-orders available here. The first single, which is available

Documentary: Dehydrated tracking vocals!

Still promising a new EP this month, Serbian female fronted Death Metallers Dehydrated have teased us with this video of Ira tracking some vocals! For those unfamiliar you can check out their past releases over at bandcamp. Maybe that new EP will feature 2018 single “Parallels”.

NEWS: Dehydrated tease demo!

Tomsk Russian natives Dehydrated are teasing a demo from an as yet unnamed EP that they’re promising will be out in May! They’ve been dropping hints and riffs for a while now but this is a solid piece of the pie crust for your to get your teeth into! If you like Russian Death Metal

Bootleg: Dehydrated in Orel City!

“The Serbian Challenge Tour” which includes some dates with Decapitated may have finished in mid November but Dehydrated are still in celebration mode. This double track bootleg of “The Script of Life” and “Sickness” from the tour is well worth the 10 minutes headbanging!

Metal Noise TV: October!

Here is the sound of October 2018! A Massive 64 tracks from the likes of Dehydrated, Architects, The Five Hundred, Bleed From Within, Kadinja, Jinjer, Bodysnatcher and many, many more! How will November fare? Some huge releases are in the pipeline! Metal Noise… For The Love of Heavy Metal!

NEWS: “Parallels” from Dehydrated!

Death Metal bands from Siberia are pretty common place in the current Metal Scene. But female fronted Death Metal bands? Er…. Well, hailing from Tomsk are Dehydrated, a lethal injection of Female fronted Death Metal. The band are about to (spin) kick off their “Siberian Challenge” tour across former Eastern Block countries with a selection