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NEWS: Once Human’s Lauren Hart covers Strapping Young Lad!

2020 has seemed like it was going to be a huge year for Once Human, once guitarist Logan Mader got back from the 25th Anniversary of “Burn My Eyes” with Machine Head and with a new album on the horizon. Instead vocalist Lauren Hart has joined the swelling ranks of musicians turning to Patreon to

Review: “Sublimation(s)” by Oria

“‘Sublimation’ is a word that bears two distinct meanings. In chemistry, it is the transition of a solid object directly to its gas phase while in Psychology it is a type of defense mechanism where the negative instincts and impulses are channeled into something positive and creative. Both meanings relate in some way to what

NEWS: Devin Townsend is the order of the night for The Agonist!

The flourishing covers partnership between The Agonist frontwoman Vicky Psarakis and multi instrumentalist Cody Johnstone has been a weekly pleasure you can’t measure during lockdown and once again they have outdone themselves with “Vampira” by Devin Townsend. Interestingly Cody uses the GetGood Drums “Kemper Profiler Pack” from Periphery bassist Adam “Nolly” GetGood…

Live Review: Devin Townsend: Empath Live Volume 2 (Live Stream)

Promising what would have been the full headlining performance from this year’s postponed incarnation of the 20th Anniversary of Bloodstock, an 85 minute career spanning set, which centers on the heavier side of his catalog and includes material from his Strapping Young Lad and Devin Townsend Project bands this live streamed event from Devin Townsend

Review: “Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape” by Black Crown Initiate

After a pair of critically acclaimed albums in 2014’s “The Wreckage Of Stars” and it’s follow up in 2016’s “Selves We Cannot Forgive“, Reading Pennsylvanian Progressive Death Metallers Black Crown Initiate can be forgiven for taking their time over getting to their third studio record “Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape“, which finds them with a

NEWS: Devin Townsend Project live stream in September!

As Devin Townsend was unable to play the 20th Anniversary of Bloodstock this summer, he’s got together with his Empath Volume 2 live band and Stageit to do a live stream 85 minute career spanning full set on 5th September, focusing on heavier side of his material. The main band features guitarist Wes Hauch (ex-The Faceless/Black Crown

Review: “Veil Of Imagination” by Wilderun

Recorded at More Sound Studios in Syracuse, New York before being mixed by Dan Swanö (Opeth, Katatonia) and mastered by Jens Bogren (Sepultura, At The Gates) and critically acclaimed as one of the finest albums of 2019, “Veil Of Imagination” by Wilderun sees re-release under special licence via Century Media in July 2020. When we

Interview: Devin Townsend has Coffee with Ola Englund!

If you haven’t seen any of guitarist Ola Englund’s “Coffee With Ola” interview series then frankly you’re missing out. He has shared a freshly ground cup of the World’s finest beverage with the great and the good of Metal and in this latest episode gets to chat with none other than Devin Townsend. Strapping Young

Review: “Chrysalis” by Alogon

The Koine Greek word ἄλογον (álogon, meaning inexplicable, irrational), is where Genova, Italian Progressive Metallers Andrea Olivieri (Vocals), Jack Repetti (Bass & Synthesizer), Damiano Logozzo (Guitar) and Francesco Schenone (Drums) found the name for their band. Citing influences in the likes of TesseracT, Devin Townsend and Monuments, the quartet have been writing music together since 2016, releasing

Bootleg: Devin Townsend at 70000 Tonnes of Metal!

It seems that Devin Townsend has finally made peace with the music he created during his time in Strapping Young Lad as he performed a wealth of the material including “Love?” and “Detox” at this years incarnation of the 70000 tons of Metal cruise. Here are the best of a collection of fan filmed footage