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NEWS: Behold The Void plot the end…

Back in June Blackened Progressive Deathcore merchants Behold The Void brought the bleak cold winds from Russia with their album “Disintegration“. They picked the one person with a perfect understanding of their sound to mix and master the record in Buster Odeholm of Humanity’s Last Breath who took the task to Impact Studios. The Moscow

Review: “Disintegration” by Behold The Void

Formed in Moscow Russia in 2015, Behold The Void are a Blackened Progressive Deathcore act of some repute. Dropping their debut single “Endless Hunger” in 2017 and swiftly following up with an impressive debut EP “Black Mass” just six months later they have set the tone for their debut full length with a shroud of darkness.

NEWS: Behold The Void make fresh enemies?

Using Blackened Progressive Deathcore as a canvas on which to tell the story of the disintegration of a man, who left alone with his inner demons falls slowly and inevitably into madness, Moscow based Behold The Void have chosen to go in deep the subject for their upcoming new album. “Disintegration” is currently available for