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NEWS: Defamed watch the dancer…

After a period of quiet, following the announcement of the departure of bassist Joshua Rocchi a couple of weeks back, Italian Deathcore collective Defamed, a band formed of former members of Drown In Sulphur have shared their first new material since debut EP “Aeon” in “The Dancer“. If you haven’t heard the tale, it’s a

NEWS: Drowned In Sulphur boil down to the “Essence”!

Italian Deathcore collective Drowned In Sulphur have been working on an album that is said to have a Black Metal influence in they hybrid blend Metal which perhaps hints at the band moving into the kind of territory that Enterprise Earth occupy. The first single announced from the album is “Essence“, which means that the

NEWS: Defamed announce “Aeon”!

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Federico Ascari at Wavemotion Recordings, we finally have a date for the release of the upcoming debut EP from Deathcore collective Defamed. The band, who are 80% of Drowned In Sulphur following a bitter split hail from Milan Italy and have set 4th December 2020 for “Aeon“, announced with

NEWS: Defamed turn loose the doves!

The band members who were exiled from Drowned In Sulphur continue to impress in Defamed with new single “Doves“, their fourth of 2020. Collectively, “In Tenebris“, “Circles” and Daddy Yankee’s 2010 single “Gasolina” have reached 405k Spotify streams. Maybe one day Defamed will bury the hatchet with the new line up of Drowned In Sulphur and

Playthrough: “Circles” from Defamed!

Still promising a debut EP in 2020 are Italian Deathcore collective Defamed. Formed from the ashes of Drowned In Sulphur, they’ve dropped a few singles and returned to “Circles” to allow sticksman Norman Ceriotti to hammer out this playthrough video. The EP looks to have been produced, engineered by mixed and mastered by Federico Ascari

NEWS: Drown In Sulphur hit “Earth Reset”!

Following the success of last summer’s “Blackwind” EP, which blends Deathcore with blackened and beatdown elements, Milan Italy’s Drown In Sulphur had been forced to step back and re-evaluate following a line-up shift that has seen a new vocalist in Luca Pareschi and guitarist duo Emanuele Corso and Christian Lombardo entering the fray. After being forced