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Bootleg: Dying Fetus in Oakland California!

Signed, sealed and delivered in triplicate by Iron Serbian for Capital Chaos TV, here are at trio cut from the set of Dying Fetus at The Starline Social Club in Oakland California on 17th May. It may have been five years since 2017’s “Wrong One To Fuck With” landed on us but then it was

NEWS: Angel Rising share “Upon The Vale”!

November saw Marseille, France Melodic Death Metallers Angel Rising drop the first single “Thy Kingdom Fall” from upcoming new album “Immortal Volition” and during the winter of discontent it looked like the next one was never going to arrive. But now we have “Upon the Vale” with a date set of 12th February for the album

NEWS: Delphian leave us on Cloud Nine!

Hands down one of the finest Progressive Technical Death Metal albums of the year “Somnambulant Foregoer” from Delphian is one that simply needs to be heard to be believed and without knowing it, you may have already heard them as they can also be found on screen in the Mike Judge comedy, “Extract” as the

Review: “Immortal” by Inexorable

There have been some really interesting collaborations that have only really been possible in the internet age thanks to the ability to share files back and forth over great distances, something that would have only been possible via couriers and tapes in the time of bands like East West Blast Test who created brilliance with

Review: “Somnambulant Foregoer” by Delphian

In the past when reviewing albums we’ve spoken of things that give a record a certain seal of approval before you’ve even heard a single note and in the case of the debut album from Los Angeles Californian Progressive Technical Death Metal outfit Delphian, for us at least, the presence of the man, the myth

NEWS: Delphian premier title track of “Somnambulant Foregoer”!

Los Angeles California Progressive Death Metal duo Delphian have unveiled a third single and the title track of their 12th November dropping album  the premiere of “Somnambulant Foregoer“. The band were  formed by brothers Jason and Matthew Williams while attending Musicians Institute in Los Angeles and for the  album they are joined by the pummeling

Playthrough: “Lazarus” from Chimaira!

The man, the myth, the legend that is Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold has been throwing down the guitar playthrough videos of late with a second one of the week taking a cut from the bands 2005 self titled album. This time out “Lazarus” is the track of choice from an album which electronics guru Chris

Playthrough: “Your Treachery” from Dying Fetus!

We’re not going to play a game of who’s the better drummer but for our money their has to be a cigarette paper between the skills of Kevin Talley and Trey Williams in American Death Metal legends Dying Fetus. Here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Williams at Brutal Assault Festival in Czech Republic on 9th August

Playthrough: Dying Fetus at Brutal Assault!

Dedicated drum cam footage of Dying Fetus drummer Trey Williams playing “Kill Your Mother / Rape Your Dog” at Brutal Assault Festival in 2018 is music to our ears. The annual meeting of Metal minds in the Czech Republic is set to go again in 2021 with Asphyx, As I Lay Dying and Malevolence all

Review: “Self Titled” by Angel Rising

A Melodic Death Metal project that came to life in 2018, Angel Rising started out as the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Listenangel, who is joined by drummer Kevin Talley (ex-Dying Fetus, ex-Suffocation, ex-Chimaira) and vocal paring Hermyth and M Fox. Some may know Listenangel from his YouTube days, specializing in guitar shredding, virtuosos guitar solos,