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NEWS: After Smoke Clears take on a Slipknot cover for charity!

A compilation album put together by Quazar Studios to celebrate the life of Slipknot members Joey Jordison and Paul Gray while raising money for the National Voices Charity in aid of those who suffer Transverse Myelitis has been released this weekend and features 38 bands across a huge 37 tracks including Majin, Worm Shepherd and

NEWS: After Smoke Clears get crazy…

…with an arty music video for new single “Kaizen“, their third of 2021 and since their very well received album “Edification“. An intense and chaotic journey through struggle to the realisation that persistence and endurance are key to success, it has the kind of gritty depth that is life affirming. The London Groove Metallers have

Playthrough: “Buried” from After Smoke Clears!

Fresh from the release show for the new Confessions Of A Traitor EP “Press Start To Play“, After Smoke Clears have returned to their critically acclaimed album “Edification” for a full band playthrough video for “Buried“. That would be live as opposed to a purely performance based video as this isn’t 1984 or Top Of

Playthrough: “Extinguo” from After Smoke Clears!

When the usual playthough video sees one instrument focused up, London Groove Metallers After Smoke Clears have something else in mind and have done a full band video for “Extinguo” from their critically acclaimed album “Edification“. The timing is interesting as the band dropped a brand new single called “Obsessed” this past weekend but with

NEWS: After Smoke Clears suffer obsessive behaviour?

In the aftermath of “Edification” London Groove Metal outfit After Smoke Clears have unveiled a brand new single called “Obsessed” ahead of their end of the month appearance at the Confessions Of A Traitor EP release show at London’s The Black Heart where it should see it’s live debut. That will followed by a trio of

Playthrough: “Ape” from After Smoke Clears!

Following the journey of destruction to self realisation that is debut album “Edification“, After Smoke Clears guitarist Alessandro Legname has tried his hand as “Ape” by Jinjer, perhaps trying to persuade the other members of the London Groove Metal outfit that it is one they need in their set. Their next outing will be at

Playthrough: “Rapacious” from After Smoke Clears!

“Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!” Part playthrough and part insightful commentary, strings men Ale (Guitars) and Aaron (Bass) from After Smoke Clears return to “Rapacious“, one of the singles pre-released in the build up to their debut album ‘Edification‘ weighing anchor. The band may have missed out on some

NEWS: In Fear just want to “Let Them Hate”…

Unveiling their first single with new vocalist Haydn Connolly are Bristol DJentlemen In Fear. Fans won’t have to wait long to hear “Let Hate… So Long As The Fear” in the live arena for too long either with a trio of shows set for July with After Smoke Clears on the cards… 16th Gloucester, The