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Review: “Harm(ony) Within” by Empyreal Sorrow

After the success of their razor sharp debut album “Praey” the return of German Melodic Death Metal quintet Empyreal Sorrow with a new EP just in time for Christmas is something to be salivated over like the festive season food. Their sound is one that modernises the Gothenburg sound and incorporates Death Metal like atmospheric

NEWS: Empyreal Sorrow prepare for bleak Christmas…

If you believe in Karma then you reap what you sow and what goes around comes around so the lyrics from the new single “No Absolution” from German Melodic Death Metallers Empyreal Sorrow should come as a vicious reminder of that. They’ve got no time for bigmouths or bootlickers as they cut from ear to

NEWS: Empyreal Sorrow begin the incantation!

Like a hammer into your face, the second single of four new cuts that comprise the upcoming new EP “Harm(omy) Within” from German  Melodic Death Metal quintet Empyreal Sorrow hits hard. “Cursed Be The False Promise” takes no prisoners right from the brutal start as a flaming hate speech against organized religious groups, promising and

NEWS: Empyreal Sorrow find Harm​(​ony) Within?

Picking up where last year’s album “Praey” left off, Munich Germany Melodic Death Metal quintet Empyreal Sorrow have announced that 24th December will see them drop a new EP “Harm​(​ony) Within” that will comprise 3 new cuts plus a grim electronic remix of “A Night Without Armour” by the artist LXEKR. Available for pre-order over

NEWS: Empyreal Sorrow celebrate “The Error Code”!

…with their debut album out today and showing great promise, German Melodic Death Metallers Empyreal Sorrow have dropped a music video for “The Error Code“. The album, entitled “Praey“, is a lyrical depiction of the devastation that unites mankind from sorrow to serenity and is one we reviewed earlier this week. You already know that

Review: “Praey” by Empyreal Sorrow

Inspired by the great Swedish Death Metal tradition of bands like Edge Of Sanity, At The Gates and Dark Tranquillity, German Melodic Death Metal quintet Empyreal Sorrow who comprise Sebastian Moser (Bass & Vocals), Markus Winter (Guitars), Martin Szeike (Vocals), Julian Osterried (Drums), Martin Hofbauer (Guitars) have forged a sound of their own by incorporating

NEWS: Empyreal Sorrow uncover the “Source of (In)Humanity”!

If first single “Quiet Depression” didn’t get its barbed hooks into you then a second from the upcoming new album “Praey” from German Melodic Death Metal quintet Empyreal Sorrow should leave you in little doubt as they are spilling pure hate and scorn on those false prophets and leaders who are deceiving and blinding us with

NEWS: Empyreal Sorrow announce “Praey” with “Quiet Depression”!

Munich, Germany isn’t usually a place you’d associate with Melodic Death Metal but that hasn’t stopped Empyreal Sorrow from inviting you join the ranks of their „Cult Of Sorrow“. Single “Quiet Depression” is the bastard child of classical Death Metal aggression and gripping harmonies. With the two vocalists spitting out their guts while descending into