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NEWS: Windchimes open Pandora’s box!

Almost a year after we reviewed their debut EP  “Enervation”, Western Pennsylvania based quintet Windchimes have been to Cerebral Audio Productions in Pittsburgh to work with Shane Mayer (Signs Of The Swarm, Enemy Mind) in recording, mixing and mastering a new cut. Titled “The Last Evil” it explores the concept of Pandora’s box having one last

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 EPs of 2020!

If you weren’t as excited by our top #5 singles of 2020 on Boxing Day as you were by pouring Bailey’s on your cornflakes on Christmas Day then perhaps our top #5 EP releases of 2020 tickles your fancy. Or maybe not. Who knows. The rules of the game are simple. No bands that features

Exclusive Interview: Windchimes talk “Enervation”!

“This album is the accumulation of our negative energy directed into a form of art. We used the experience of writing and self-recording Enervation as a cathartic release of what we were all going through during that time. We hope you hear what we say, and can relate to these feelings” ~ Windchimes

Review: “Enervation” by Windchimes

Hailing from Western Pennsylvania, Gavin Fornelli (vocals), Larry Rupp (guitar/vocals), Lucas Redick (guitar), Dillon Giesler (bass) and Jordan Braverman (drums) form Windchimes, a band who break pretty much every single genre boundary that there is going. Their enticing and evil blend of Black Metal, Death Metal, Deathcore, Metalcore, Post-Metalcore and anything else you can think