NEWS: Windchimes beg for the mercy of Man?

Back in October, just a few days before the second anniversary of their record “Enervation“, Western Pennsylvanians Windchimes shared a post video shoot still on social media. Little did we know back then, that the band, who pretty much turn their hand to any style of Metal as and when they see fit, as long as as it’s anvil heavy, would be unveiling new material so soon. The cut is one called “She Begs” with the accompanying music video depicting Gaia drowning in oceans of plastic, suffocated by the toils of man.

The band comment: “Thank you to everyone who donated their time and accepted beer as compensation¬† to make this video happen: Nate, Mike, Harrison, Rachel, Elaina, and Joel. A very special thanks to Sasaya for being down to writhe in the cold dirt, walk on broken glass and get drenched in blackened corn syrup, you fucking rule!

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