NEWS: Autumn’s Grief seek absolution?

Finnish Metal band Autumn’s Grief have shared a second single in “The Absolution” from their upcoming third album “Dead Among The Living” but don’t get your hopes up. The album, which completes the Dead-trilogy alongside 2021’s “The Dead Don’t Smile” and 2022’s “Dead By The Dawn” won’t see the cold light of day until 25th October via Inverse Records. Whether that is down to the band members other commitments to Dead End Finland, Tulio or Willie Dangerr remains unknown but what we can say is that the new record offers a journey of sorrowful and cinematic metal music landscape filled with beautiful piano melodies, dark and heavy guitars, robust bass and mournful vocals.

Vocalist Noora Virtanen: “The Absolution is a song about the inner battles of a human being and confessing one’s pain and sins to a good friend. “While we were choosing the single songs from the third album, The Absolution was one of the favourite songs on everyone’s list. It has a special atmosphere starting right from the first notes.”

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