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NEWS: Enquire Within reach breaking point?

Ahead of the imminent arrival of their third album “Elysium” and release show at The Black Heart in Camden, London on 31st May, riff slingers Enquire Within have shared a music video for the personal and poignant “Point Of No Return“. The song’s lyrical focus is based around mental health and was crafted with the

Review: “Elysium” by Enquire Within

Eight years into a journey that began in 2016, London Groove Metal horde Enquire Within return with their third studio album “Elysium“, created with the help of Dan Lucas (Will Haven, Tesseract, Queens Of The Stoneage) at The Joplin House recording studio. We’re calling it an album rather than an EP because it runs to

NEWS: Enquire Within get burned by Acid Reign!

Joined by guest vocalist Howard H Smith from Acid Reign, British Metalcore institution Enquire Within have shared a second single from their upcoming EP “Elysium” in one called “Seeds of Destruction“. A 31st May release that includes last summer’s single “Final Seal” in six tracks to make the grade, the band are describing the record

Bootleg: “Final Seal” from Enquire Within!

One of the many highlights of the summer was a post “Rebirth” single from London Metalcore act Enquire Within titled “Final Seal” which finds them lyrically drifting into Traditional Heavy Metal territory with a little bit of Power Metal lore thrown into the mix. The band have shared a live rendition of that from a

Bootleg: “War” from Enquire Within!

Having announced that they will be joining Burner and Overthrow¬†in opening for Evile at the New Cross Inn on 9th December, South East London Metalcore merchants Enquire Within have shared a live rendition of “War” from O2 Academy in Sheffield. That was part of their set at HRH Vikings with the original version appearing on

NEWS: Enquire Within break the seal?

It seems that extended runs with Acid Reign¬†have got Enquire Within thinking about the darker side of life with the Metalcore merchants unveiling new single and music video for a cut titled “Final Seal“. While their influences remain prominent, their line up changes have solidified their vision with this one offering a more refined version

Bootleg: “Defending Silence” from Enquire Within!

Soon to be ripping up the road once more, this time with Acid Reign, Helgrind and Tempashot are Enquire Within. They have issued a timely reminder as to why you should be snapping up a ticket to witness them stalk the stage with a high grade rendition of “Deafening Silence” cut from their set at

NEWS: Acid Reign, Helgrind, Enquire Within and Tempashot. February 2023!

Bringing Thrash and Metalcore to the masses, Acid Reign, Helgrind, Enquire Within and Tempashot have announced a collection of shows together for 2023 with more to follow. Titled “The Tour Of Entitlement“, if it’s anything like the run which saw Helgrind and Enquire Within buddy up in earlier this year around the release of “Insurrection”

Bootleg: “Hunter” from Enquire Within!

London Metalcore heroes Enquire Within have been playing everywhere and anywhere with a recent run with Helgrind being incredible and still having five shows to go in June. But that’s not all as they’ve announced they will be joining them at Coalville Metal Festival in July. If you’re after a flavour of what you might