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Bootleg: Impending Doom in Chino!

The Stronghold in Chino, California was the venue on 17th November 2006 for a youthful Impending Doom to share a stage with Underneath The Gun, Sleeping Giant and Plague Sheol for a show which took place between their 2005 demo “The Sin and Doom of Godless Men” and their 2007 debut album “Nailed. Dead. Risen.”

Bootleg: xDeathstarx in Corona California!

How many people remember xDeathstarx? They looked to have called it a night in 2009 only to return for a 12 month Indian summer in 2015. A straight edge Metalcore band with Hardcore roots, they dropped a pair of albums in “The Triumph” and “We Are The Threat” via Facedown Records that still hold up

NEWS: My Epic sing to “Bloody Angels”!

The second single from their upcoming Facedown Records 10th May slated EP “Violence” entitled “Bloody Angels” has appeared from My Epic. At this rate, we’ll have a music video for every song on the EP before it appears!

Documentary: Sleeping Giant Farewell!

Southern California Metalcore crew Sleeping Giant may have called it a day but 12 years in the life of the band have been documented with live footage and interviews in this farewell film released via Facedown Records.

NEWS: Sleeping Giant release “Preachcore Lives” video!

Keeping it hardcore, Sleeping Giant have released a “Live” video for their single “Preachcore Lives!”. The album track being played over live footage of the band from their recent show at the infamous Chain Reaction in Anaheim California. You may recognise a few faces in this one,¬†as all of the Salt Lake City’s band members

Review: “Cold” by Gideon

Tuscaloosa Alabama hardcore crew Gideon have been making a name for themselves since 2008, though it has to be said that of the current lineup only drummer Jake Smelley remains from the band that started out. Gaining acclaim from their peers such that guest vocals from the likes of Caleb Schomo from Beartooth and Matt Honeycutt