Throwback: “Silence The Oppressors” from Impending Doom!

2005 might have seen the birth of Christian Deathcore collective Impending Doom in Riverside California but things didn’t really get heated until 2007 and the arrival via Face Down Records of their debut album “Nailed Dead Risen” was tracked, mixed and mastered by Christopher Eck at Eck studios in Corona, California. Referencing the crucifixion of Christ in the title it was the only album to feature guitarist Greg Pewthers and drummer Andy Hegg in a band that has essentially been a revolving door of musicians over the past 16 years, with the exception of guitarist Manny Contreras (Sleeping Giant, Oblige, The Devastated,¬†Bleeding Through) and vocalist Brook Reeves who remain the last men standing. Many thought that it wasn’t possible to combine the violence of Death Metal, Grindcore and Hardcore in to a single hybrid beast and have called them out at various points on various things, including their use of the terms “Gorship”¬†and “Repentagram” but what is life without controversy? We say let the music do the talking and then be the judge, jury and executioner and to that end, here’s one of that albums finest moments in “Silence The Oppressors” as directed by Andy Reale.

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