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Review: “Last Days” by Impending Doom

It seems strange to say it but “Last Days” marks the first independent record in the career of Riverside Californian Deathcore mainstays Impending Doom since their 2005 demo “The Sin and Doom of Godless Men“. Since they’ve released six albums, two splits and now this, their second back to back EP following 2021’s critically acclaimed

NEWS: Impending Doom make it two from three!

…with 7 days to go before the release of their first independent EP “Last Days“, Riverside Californian Deathcore collective Impending Doom have unleashed the second of the three cuts make the grade in “In The End“. Just the third EP of the bands career it also happens to be their second since 2018’s full length

NEWS: It’s perpetual forward motion for Impending Doom!

Believe it or not, the 20th November will see the first independent, label free record release in the eighteen year career to date of Riverside Californian Deathcore outfit Impending Doom. They have created for our listening pleasure a new three track EP on follow up to 2021’s “Hellbent” titled “Last Days” with “Eternal“, “In The

Review: “Hellbent” by Impending Doom

It’s been three years since their last confession in 2018s “The Sin and Doom Vol. II” and the revolving door of musicians in Riverside Californian Deathcore act Impending Doom shows no sign of relenting with vocalist Brook Reeves the only mainstay. He’s joined by guitarist Manny Contreras and bassist David Sittig who recorded with engineer

Throwback: “Silence The Oppressors” from Impending Doom!

2005 might have seen the birth of Christian Deathcore collective Impending Doom in Riverside California but things didn’t really get heated until 2007 and the arrival via Face Down Records of their debut album “Nailed Dead Risen” was tracked, mixed and mastered by Christopher Eck at Eck studios in Corona, California. Referencing the crucifixion of

NEWS: Misstiq works magic with Impending Doom!

Pimping “War Music” by Impending Doom sees Misstiq take the song from a Deathcore heavyweight to a Symphonic Death Metal beast. Call it a remix, call it a rework, call it adding sugar, spice and all things nice to a track that is already worth its weight in gold, but we love her work as

Bootleg: Impending Doom in Chino!

The Stronghold in Chino, California was the venue on 17th November 2006 for a youthful Impending Doom to share a stage with Underneath The Gun, Sleeping Giant and Plague Sheol for a show which took place between their 2005 demo “The Sin and Doom of Godless Men” and their 2007 debut album “Nailed. Dead. Risen.”

Bootleg: Impending Doom in California!

It’s seems like only yesterday but was in fact 14 years ago – Impending Doom sharing the stage at The Showcase Theatre in Corona California on 17th December 2006 with Throwdown, All Shall Perish, The Warriors and xDeathstarx. A lot of water under the bridge since then but the American Deathcore band from Riverside, California

Bootleg: Carried Weight at Chain Reaction!

Filmed at the legendary Chain Reaction in Anaheim California, pro-shot in high definition, here’s a full set from Carried Weight. The set was recorded at Impeding Doom’s “The Sin and Doom Vol. II” release show on 6th June. You may have read about the band on our recent “Where Are They Now?” post…