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NEWS: Faces Of Eve close November with a smile

At the end of November, Faces of Eve have got a trio of shows racked up with Dreameater courtesy of Perspective Management. Having released a pair of singles in “Sleeper” and “Lower Than She” before this summer’s incarnation of Tech-Fest, hopefully a new album will be in the offering in 2020. 28th Leicester, The Shed

Playthrough: “Abdication” from Red Handed Denial!

It’s been… a while (no Staind joke, please!) since we had a bass playthrough that wasn’t from Owen Morris of Faces of Eve. So here’s Dominick De Kauwe of Canadian Progressive Metallers Red Handed Denial performing “Abdication” from their current album “Redeemer”, filmed by frontwoman Lauren Babic. That’s a Digwall 5 String Combustion with Newtone

Playthrough: “It’s Yours” by Loathe!

Covered by Faces of Eve bassist Owen Morris earlier this week on his Darkglass X Ultra Ibanez SRSC, here’s “It’s Yours” by Loathe. Faces of Eve themselves have a pair of pre Tech-Fest singles in “Sleeper” and “Lower Than She” out now while the Liverpool natives have dropped a pair of singles via SharpTone Records

The Black Map 75: Parallax from… Biggleswade?!

Let’s get the Elephant out of the room before we talk about this week’s entry in our Encyclopedia Britannica of the UK Metal Underground Scene otherwise known as The Black Map. Where the @#¬©$ is Biggleswade? With an estimated population of 25,000 on the river Ivel, 11 miles south-east of Bedford is the Market Town

Playthrough: “Dreamcatcher” from Faces of Eve!

Appearing at Castlefest in Luton in a couple of days time, Faces of Eve bassist Owen Morris has picked up his Ibanez 5 string and made use of the last of the summer sunshine to record a playthrough for “Dreamcatcher”. Having released a pair of singles in “Lower Than She” and “Sleeper” this summer, expect

Documentary: Faces of Eve Tour Recap!

A couple of minutes of mini documentary from Faces of Eve, recapping their trio of dates with Leeds Metalcore crew Values? We were at the Reading Facebar show on the run that saw them light the blue touch paper with the likes of new single “Lower Than She”. So in glorious black and white, here

Playthrough: “Colours” from Faces of Eve!

Having officially announced drummer James Lane as being in the family after a wealth of live shows with the band as well as announcing their appearance at the second incarnation of Mortal Metal Festival at The Phoenix Bar in High Wycombe in November, Faces of Eve bassist Owen Morris has recorded a playthrough of “Colours”…

NEWS: Mortal Metal Festival 2 Line-up!

There is no doubt that the second incarnation of Mortal Metal Festival which is taking place at the Phoenix Bar in High Wycombe over the weekend of 1st November is THE place to be for all that is good about the UK underground Metal Scene. Not only is the line-up incredible, but so is the

Live Review: Faces of Eve w/Values & Weaponry @ Facebar Reading

We’ve promoted this show, the last of the¬†Weaponry August run and the middle one of trio of co-headlining shows for Faces of Eve and Values about as much as we could have in advance of tonight. The Facebar in Reading is where it’s at and it should need no introductions so without further ado and