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NEWS: Deliria search for the spell book?

Bolstered by Fallujah drummer Andrew Baird behind the kit, San Francisco Bay Area Post Black Metal lovers Deliria will unveil sophomore album “Phantasm” on 3rd May. A collection of songs from a collection of seasoned musicians who have served time in Kill The Messenger, Dawn Of Ouroboros, The Undying and Embrium to name but a

NEWS: Deliria premier “Phantasm” music video!

Having given us a lyric video for it three weeks ago, Post Black Metal outfit Deliria have now offered up a full music video for the title track and virgin sacrifice from “Phantasm“. Featuring in their ranks members of Dawn Of Ouroboros, Kill The Messenger, The Undying and Embrium, the band recorded with Andrew Baird

NEWS: Deliria… is this real life or is this just fantasy?

…with a new album on the horizon, a new incarnation of evocative Post Black Metal band Deliria has been unveiled along side a lyric video for the title track “Phantasm“. Originally formed in 2017 by David Scanlon of Dawn Of Ouroboros fame in the San Francisco Bay Area, the outfit became synonymous with endogenous melancholia inspired by existential

NEWS: Ingested. Fallujah. Vulvodynia. Mélancolia. April and May!

Following the announcement of “The Tide of Death and Fractured Dreams” for 5th April via Metal Blade Records it was only ever going to be a matter of time before Mancunian Death Metal extremists Ingested told us about a European tour. Much to our surprise it’s their first headlining run since 2019 and so for

Playthrough: “Genetic Assimilation” from Tegmentum!

US Cosmic Progressive Metal project Tegmentum have offered up a guitar playthrough for a third single “Genetic Assimilation” from their M-Theory Audio debut album “Evolvement” that demonstrates the seven string skills of guitarist and producer Michael Ball. Set for release 25th August, it finds him joined by Chelsea Murphy (Dawn Of Ouroboros, Cailleach Calling) on

NEWS: After Evolvement Tegmentum will remain?

After first single “Accolades” accompanied the announcement that US Cosmic Progressive Metal project Tegmentum has signed with M-Theory Audio for the release of their debut album “Evolvement” on 25th August, the supergroup have plucked “I Remain” as a second burnt offering. Masterminded by Michael Ball who produces the music and plays guitars, he’s joined by

Review: “Zwielicht” by Mental Cruelty

“Let us embrace a new era of darkness by bringing the “black” into blackened heavy music. Join us on the way down to infernal gates of hell to be rebirthed back to life. The album will contain the most mind-bending variety of different heavy musical influences and sounds. Epic symphonic orchestras accompanied by slam breakdowns;

NEWS: Tegmentum begin their ascent with “Accolades”!

Tegmentum, a cosmic Progressive Metal project with Michael Ball producing the music and playing guitar, Chelsea Murphy (Dawn Of Ouroboros, Cailleach Calling) on vocals, Kenji Tsunami (Ontogeny, Narcotic Wasteland) on bass and Andrew Baird (Fallujah) on drums have announced their signing to M-Theory Audio for new album “Evolvement“. Having been a solo project of ball

NEWS: Nuclear Power Trio unleash “Nyetflix and Chill”!

It seems that “A Clear And Present Rager” wasn’t a one off but a warning shot with the announcement that the Nuclear Power Trio are set to return with a sophomore release titled “Wet Ass Plutonium“. A myriad of guests have been announced with guitar solos from Chris Broderick (In Flames, Megadeth), Ben Ellis (Scar

Review: “Ceremorphosis” by Proceed On Your Way To Oblivion

The debut album “Ceremorphosis” from US Technical Death Metal force Proceed On Your Way To Oblivion is a mouth watering prospect for many reasons. Roots trace back to 2018 for the supergroup who have a writing axis of drummer Michael Ranne (Through The Eyes Of The Dead, My Bitter End, Coma Cluster Void) and guitarist Steve