NEWS: Deliria… is this real life or is this just fantasy?

…with a new album on the horizon, a new incarnation of evocative Post Black Metal band Deliria has been unveiled along side a lyric video for the title track “Phantasm“. Originally formed in 2017 by David Scanlon of Dawn Of Ouroboros fame in the San Francisco Bay Area, the outfit became synonymous with endogenous melancholia inspired by existential dread with the help of Kill The Messenger vocalist Adam Rupp. 3rd May will see the band return with four of the five members that toured the bands debut album “Nausea” together, the only difference being Andrew Baird of Fallujah being the session drummer on the album who will be replaced by Brandon Clevenstine of Symbolik going forward… Pre-orders for the album are available over at bandcamp.

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