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Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Duran Duran

The subject of today’s head to head is “Come Undone” by Duran Duran. The highly influential New Wave band formed in 1978 and enjoyed huge success throughout the 80s. They’ve been covered multiple times including most notably by Deftones and count among their fans KoRn vocalist Jonathan Davis. The track itself was the second single

NEWS: Bad Omens go large with Duran Duran cover!

The success of “Finding God Before God Finds Me” has ment that not even 6 months has elapsed before Sumerian Records have released a deluxe version of the album. When Bad Omens actually recorded the additional material is up for debate but Duran Duran cover “Coming Undone” has joined a music video for “Limits” out

Bootleg: “The Hell I Overcame” from Bad Omens!

In for a penny in for a pound? Courtesy of Stagecast 360, here’s “The Hell I Overcame” from Bad Omens set at Gas Monkey Live in Dallas Texas on 23rd September. It’s album version is not their August 2019 Sumerian Records album “Finding God Before God Finds Me“…

Bootleg: “Glass Houses” from Bad Owens!

Filmed at Gas Monkey Live in Dallas Texas on 23rd September, here’s “Glass Houses” from Bad Omens courtesy of Stagecast 360. Yes we know. It should be “Glass Houses” from The Glass House in Pomona California. December 2019 saw a new single in “Never Know” appear just four months after album “Finding God Before God