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Playthrough: Full Set from Year Of The Knife!

Heading back to The Cobra Lounge in Chicago Illinois, the city that all the Digital Tour Bus footage is filmed, here’s a full set from a dedicated drum cam trained on Andrew Kisielewski from Year Of The Knife. The set was filmed by hate5six on 27th April 2019, when their new album “Internal Incarnation” was

Playthrough: Full Set from Year Of The Knife!

It must have been a whirlwind of a white knuckle ride for Nihility and Grove Street Families sticksman Josh Williamson to get the songs from Year of the Knife nailed before he stepped up to fill in for Andrew Kisielewski at Outbreak Fest in Leeds back in 2018. It must have been even more nerve

NEWS: Year Of The Knife suffer “Premonitions Of You”!

If first single “Virtual Narcotic” didn’t switch you on to Deleware Straight Edge wrecking ball Year Of The Knife the second single “Premonitions Of You” is here to whet your appetite for the bands new album “Internal Incarnation” due on 7th August via Hardcore label of the moment Pure Noise Records. Pre-orders are here.  

NEWS: Year Of The Knife point out the “Manipulation Artist”!

The second single from the upcoming 7th August new album “Internal Incarnation” from Delaware Straight Edge Hardcore act Year Of The Knife has been unveiled. Entitled “Manipulation Artist“, it actually saw its premier in a live streamed set that came courtesy of the band and hate5six a few months back. No doubt they will be

NEWS: “Virtual Narcotic” from Year of the Knife!

While no one was looking, Year of the Knife have recorded a new album with Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou. Going by the name “Internal Incarceration“, it will see the light of day on 7th August 2020 via Pure Noise Records. A pair of tracks have appeared together today on streaming services with “Virtual Narcotic” receiving the

Bootleg: Year of the Knife in New Jersey!

In the absence of being able to put on a show the traditional way, Year of the Knife backed up their gear and headed to Landmine Studios in New Jersey so that hate5six could shoot a live stream of a full set. That was back in March and 2000 fans tuned in to watch the

Playthrough: Full Set from Year Of The Knife!

The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia Pennsylvania was the venue for a Year Of The Knife show on 7th December 2019. The Straight Edge Delaware Hardcore five-piece – vocalist Tyler Mullen, guitarist Brandon Watkins, Watkins’ wife Madi Watkins on bass and twin brothers Andrew and Aaron Kisielewski on drums and guitar – have been ripping up

Playthrough: full set from Year Of The Knife!

The second of the full sets of drum cam footage from the final Back to School Jam at White Eagle Hall in New Jersey on 7th September 2019 sees Andrew Kisielewski, otherwise known as the drummer of Delaware straight edge crew Year of the Knife get up close and personal with the hate5six cameras. “Ultimate Aggression”

Bootleg: Year of the Knife in New Jersey!

As with Jesus Piece, said we were going to hold off any more bootlegs from Year Of The Knife until they got some new material out into the World. But we love them and it’s the holiday season so rules were meant to be broken. So Pro-Shot at The Championship Bar & Grill in Trenton

Bootleg: Year of the Knife in New Jersey!

Debut full length album “Ultimate Aggression” appeared from Delaware Straight Edge five piece Year of the Knife in February and was swiftly followed up by single “Sick Statistic” in July, both appearing via Hardcore label of the moment, Pure Noise Records (Knocked Loose, Terror, Stick To Your Guns). Here’s a full set from them Pro-Shot