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Documentary: Intronaut on Bus Invaders!

When Intronaut, Cult of Luna and Emma Ruth Rundle arrived at the House of Blues in Chicago Illinois on 4th March, the Digital Tour Bus Invaders cameras were ready to roll. Intronaut were supporting their current album “Fluid Existential Inversions” which sees the band joined by percussive powerhouse Alex Rudinger for the first time. Press

Playthrough: “Speaking Of Orbs” by Intronaut!

When Alex Rudinger filled in for Whitechapel we were impressed by his skills. Switching allegiances the progressive sounds of Intronaut who incorporate polyrhythms and Jazz elements into their sound, he impresses equally as much on “Fluid Existential Inversions“. Mixed by Periphery bassist Adam “Nolly” Getgood, here’s his playthrough of “Speaking of Orbs“.  

Playthrough: “The Cull” from Intronaut!

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Interview: Intronaut talk “Fluid Existential Inversions”!

Last Friday saw the arrival of the new Intronaut album “Fluid Existential Inversions” arrive via Metal Blade Records and you can check it out over at bandcamp. Heavy New York took a moment to catch up with vocalist and guitarist Sacha Dunable to talk about not only the album but also building guitars in this

Playthrough: “Cubensis” from Intronaut!

The addition of drummer Alex Rudinger (The Faceless, Whitechapel) to the Intronaut lineup is bound to have played a part in how their upcoming 28th February album “Fluid Existential Inversions” has taken shape and as it’s their first new material since 2015’s “The Direction Of Last Things” and with the 5 year gap, the longest between any