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Bootleg: Red Method at Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2022!

Another day, another dollar, another pro-shot full set from Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2022. This time out it’s an opportunity to relive the moment Red Method took to the Ronnie James Dio main stage with the solid foundations of debut album “For The Sick” yet to be built upon. Unless you count the reimaginings on

NEWS: Red Method pay tribute with “Adriel”!

Despite the arrival of “ReWork” in January, Red Method seem intent on releasing a music video for every cut on their 2020 debut album “For The Sick” and have chosen “Adriel” for one directed by Richard Oakes and Adam Leader of Dark Fable Media. It is not without good reason however as the single is

Interview: Red Method talk “For The Sick – ReWorks”!

After playing the Download Pilot event ealier this summer Red Method (and formerly The Defiled) resident electronics guru Alex “The AvD ” Avdis takes you through the bands thinking behind the creation of “For The Sick – ReWorks“. Not a remix album in the conventional sense but a new hybrid beast entirely and of course

Playthrough: “Messiah” from Red Method!

Red Method have let guitarist David Tobin out of the basement for a guitar playthrough video for “Messiah” using the STL Tones Amphub Plugin that was edited by Quinton Lucion. They’ve announced The Devils Trident tour for November and December this year that will see them reciting the mantras of “For The Sick” while being

NEWS: Red Method release the slaves!

The only non-reworked track on their freshly released re-imagined version of “For The Sick“, it was only ever a matter of time before Red Method unleashed a music video for “Slaves To The New World Disorder“. The track has been mixed and mastered by former SikTh vocalist Justin Hill and features a guest appearance which

Review: “For The Sick – ReWorks” by Red Method

How did we get here? Well… February 2020 saw Red Method, a band born from ashes of The Defiled and Metastasis finally release their long gestating album “For The Sick“, produced by Scott Atkins and features appearances by Mikee Goodman (Sikth) and Jason Mendonca (Akercocke). They’d already played a wealth of shows around the record including a