NEWS: Red Method release the slaves!

The only non-reworked track on their freshly released re-imagined version of “For The Sick“, it was only ever a matter of time before Red Method unleashed a music video for “Slaves To The New World Disorder“. The track has been mixed and mastered by former SikTh vocalist Justin Hill and features a guest appearance which you might not expect…

2020 has been a year of social unrest, injustice and natural disasters all under the cloud of the COVID-19. Our new single “Slaves to the new world disorder” is our attempt to encapsulate how the world around us collapses to the ground” ~ Jeremy Gomez (Lead Vocals)

We are generally not a political band but we just had to take a stance and be heard on this one…” adds Alex “The AvD” Avdis (Keyboards and Electronics) “We were barely scraping by as it was and for Mr. Sunak to come out and tell an Industry that generates 5 billion pounds a year to go retrain is just not good enough. This song is a big middle finger to these charlatans that have lost all sense of decency and have no regard for what looks bad on them or how they affect the lives of others.”

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