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NEWS: Red Method release the slaves!

The only non-reworked track on their freshly released re-imagined version of “For The Sick“, it was only ever a matter of time before Red Method unleashed a music video for “Slaves To The New World Disorder“. The track has been mixed and mastered by former SikTh vocalist Justin Hill and features a guest appearance which

Review: “For The Sick – ReWorks” by Red Method

How did we get here? Well… February 2020 saw Red Method, a band born from ashes of The Defiled and Metastasis finally release their long gestating album “For The Sick“, produced by Scott Atkins and features appearances by Mikee Goodman (Sikth) and Jason Mendonca (Akercocke). They’d already played a wealth of shows around the record including a

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Most Disappointing Albums of 2020!

Before we look forward to 2021 with “Underground Metal Bands To Watch” and “Most Anticipated Releases” entries in our Listmania Awards Season, we have to touch on the most disappointing albums of 2020. These are records which we were excited about based on the bands previous output and pre-release singles which then… fell flat when

NEWS: The cycle of violence continues for Red Method!

Call it a reimagining, call it a remix or a rework… Red Method have revisited “Cycle Of Violence” from their Slipknot inspired debut album “For The Sick” for Halloween, an excuse to get the make-up on and shoot a gruesome gore fest of a music video. Or maybe just a haunting, eerie one…

Bootleg: “Cycle Of Violence” from Red Method!

Remind us just how good they are in the live arena, Red Method have dropped “Cycle Of Violence” cut from their set at Bloodstock 2019. They may have lost out on an ocean of shows, including the Amped Road Trip but Badger Fest 2020 at The Bread Shed in Manchester has been moved to 2021.

Playthrough: “Cycle Of Violence” from Red Method!

An unmasked Quinton Lucion is the man in the chair for today’s installment of the Guitar World sick riffs series as he hammers through one of the heavy hitters “Cycle Of Violence” from the debut full length record from his band Red Method, going by the name “For The Sick“. They have some rescheduled Amped

NEWS: Red Method share the “Euphoria of Transformation”!

It won’t be long before Red Method have completed a music video for every song on their album “For The Sick” and while in lockdown, they’ve short one for instrumental “Euphoria of Transformation“, a cut complete with mariachi style solo! They’ll be another band itching to get back on the road once more having been

NEWS: Red Method smash the Mirror!

Red Method may have had the can their shows around their latest offering “For The Sick” but it hasn’t stopped the machine. They’ve dropped a dark lyric video for “The Narcissist’s Prayer“, a track that features a guest appearance from Jason Mendonca of Akercoke fame. Just remember, the mirror never lies.  

Documentary: Red Method get sick in summer?

Filmed when they played a support slot for Philip H. Anselmo and The Illegals at Camden Underworld in London on 29th June 2019, Red Method have shared a mini documentary that includes an interview they did on the day with Emma Barnett from Total Rock Radio. Their album “For The Sick” is out now.

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Nirvana

Technically speaking the third and final studio album from Seattle Grunge Kings Nirvana, “In Utero” appeared to both mixed reviews and critical acclaim in September 1993. The album itself was recorded over a two week period in February of the same year at Pachyderm Studio in Cannon Falls Minnesota with engineer Steve Albini (Zao, Helmet)