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Bootleg: “Only For The Weak” from In Flames!

In Dallas Texas at The House Of Blues on 26th May Chase “Hellahammer” Mason from Arizona Death Metal force Gatecreeper joined Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal pioneers In Flames for a rendition of “Only For The Weak“. No doubt a dream come true, that was filmed from the front row and is floating around in cyberspace

NEWS: In Flames end the transmission…

How the career of Melodic Death Metal pioneers In Flames will be viewed upon their retirement seems to change with each passing release but with new album “Foregone” the band have found a sound that fits between the styles of  “Soundtrack To Your Escape” and “Sounds Of A Playground Fading“. That represents something of a

NEWS: In Flames want us to meet our maker?

…with new album “Foregone” less than a month away on 10th February via Nuclear Blast, Swedish Melodic Death Metal pioneers In Flames have chosen to give us one called “Meet Your Maker“. Perhaps bid to put to bed the idea of a rivalry between them and former members united in The Halo Effect, this one

Interview: In Flames talk “Foregone” with Ola Englund!

As Swedish Melodic Death Metal pioneers In Flames have a new album on the way in “Foregone“, guitarist Bjorn Gelotte is the latest in the chair alongside Ola Englund for coffee. The bands 14th album in all will appear via Nuclear Blast on 10th February and it has already seen four singles land. It is

Interview: In Flames talk “Foregone” with Metalshop!

Ahead of the bands European tour stop in Prague Czech Republic Metalshop conducted an interview with Anders Friden from Swedish Melodic Death Metal pioneers In Flames. Ten fun questions that mix both talk of the bands music including upcoming new album “Foregone“, which has already spawned four singles including “The Great Deceiver“, and a few

NEWS: In Flames unforgiven in “Foregone Pt. 2”!

“If you look in the mirror and don’t like what is there, Is it the one you despise with no tears to spare? How did we end up here? Burn all the empires and face what you fear, As the day passes we watch the world corrode, Vampires in daylight, the condemned are here to

NEWS: In Flames announce album #14!

It may only be mid September but there are already a few record release dates tumbling out for early 2023. One of those is a new album from In Flames titled “Foregone” which is set for 10th February by via Nuclear Blast, the news of which comes alongside a cut titled “Foregone Pt. 1”. Officially it’s