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Bootleg: “Towards the Sun” from Profanity!

Opening for Death Metal pioneers Suffocation at Backstage Week in Munich on 23rd July were Profanity, the first show proper with a new line up around mastermind Thomas Sartor. From that set “Towards the Sun” was caught on camera by Andy from Macabre Demise for Living Dead TV as the band celebrate their fourth album

Bootleg: Profanity in Březová!

Filmed at at Březovská Metalová Noc 15 in Březová, Czech Republic on 28th August here’s a full set from German Death Metal masters Profanity as they continue to tread the path of “Fragments of Solace” with vocalist Lukas “Dar” Haidinger joining since the record was completed. The album itself features a wealth of guest appearances

Bootleg: “The Autopsy” from Profanity!

German Death Metal masters Profanity have shared a performance of “The Autopsy” cut from their set at Backstage Club Werk in Munich Germany on 23rd July, a show which saw them support genre pioneers Suffocation at Free & Easy Festival. This one is particularly special as it marks the first show for the bands new

Playthrough: “Ceremony Of The Rotten” #2 from Profanity!

Admittedly German tech death metal institution Profanity have dropped a playthrough video for damn near every single track on their current album “Fragments of Solace” and for some more than one but they haven’t done one quite like this. Guitarist Thomas Sartor rips through “Ceremony Of The Rotten” with Suffocation guitarist Terrance Hobbs dropping in for

Playthrough: “Ceremony of the Rotten” from Profanity!

When you have managed to get a guest list together as good as German Death Metallers Profanity did for their December 2020 released album “Fragments Of Solace” then you can’t help but lick your lips at the prospect of what is on offer and it has to be said that each one of them did

NEWS: Profanity “Pierced from Within” by Suffocation!

Thomas Sartor, the guitarist and mastermind of German Technical Death Metallers Profanity, a self confessed Suffocation fan has recorded guitar covers of not only “Pierced from Within” but also “Thrones Of Blood” in this freshly released video. Playing along with original drum playthrough videos from the man who wrote the original parts in drummer Doug Bohn

Playthrough: “The Autopsy” from Profanity!

What Thomas Sartor can do, his drummer Arimin Hassmann can do better. Both men have down completed a playthrough video for “The Autopsy” from the fourth studio album from their band, German Death Metallers Profanity and thanks to the use of split screen, you can see his performance from all angles, making nailing any cover

Playthrough: “The Autopsy” from Profanity!

When we reviewed the Death Metal masterpiece that is “Fragments of Solace” by Profanity one of the more eyebrow raising things about it was that former bassist Martl Bauer inked all the lyrics as well as making a guest appearance on “Where Forever Starts“. So when it comes to the album, he’s like a ghost

Playthrough: “The Autopsy” from Profanty!

Recorded first half of 2020 across three locations Living Monstrosity Studios, Brickhouse Tonstudio and Deep Deep Pressure Studios, German Death Metal trio Profanity unleashed “Fragments of Solace” in December, a monster of a record which features guest appearances from Terrance Hobbs (Suffocation), Matt Sotelo (Decrepit Birth), Dave Suzuki (Churchburn), Dimitry Orlov (Fetal Decay) and Martl

Playthrough: “The Autopsy” by Profanity!

If you missed it, four months ago German Technical Death Metal trio Profanity unleashed hell with “Fragments Of Solace“, an album which features guest appearances by members of Suffocation, Decrepit Birth, Churchburn and Fetal Decay, but not in the usual way. Instead of guest vocalists, they have guest guitarists laying down incendiary solos, something which