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Interview: Periphery on The Downbeat Podcast!

Returning after a short break for another episode of The Downbeat Podcast, Stray From The Path drummer Craig Reynolds talks to fellow sticksman Matt Halpern of those World-class DJentlemen Periphery. As both men have that something in common the chat orientates  around the nitty gritty of things like playing annoying parts that guitarists think are

Playthrough: “Unleash” from Periphery!

In this demo for Periphery bassist Adam Nolly Getgood’s Getgood Drums “Invasion” pack, Periphery Mastermind Misha Mansoor playthrough a new track entitled “Unleash”. Whether it’s a new track piece from “Hail Stan”, their upcoming new album remains to be seen.

Documentary: “Blood Eagle” from Periphery in the mix!

Now the first single “Blood Eagle” from the upcoming new Periphery album “Hail Stan” has been released, bassist Adam “Nolly” Getgood talks through how drum automation from GetGood Drums product was used to get the heavier parts of the song to… well… hit heavier in the mix! Album pre-orders are available here.  

Documentary: Mixing with Getgood!

Current (?) Periphery bassist Adam “Nolly” Getgood has released the first of a pair of Master Classes in Mixing. Utilizing a could of products including his own Getgood Drums with its Modern & Massive library, which coincidentally is being used by Periphery for their upcoming new record “P4”, he shows you how it’s done.  

Documentary: Episode #5 from Periphery’s “P4”!

It still remains a surprise that after his exit from the band, Adam Nolly Getgood still remains a member of Periphery. The band chose to use his bass tracks live rather than bring in someone new and with new album P4, he is recording his parts in his home studio. The album will appear early

Documentary: Periphery “P4” Modern & Massive!

In this unofficial part #5 of the Periphery “making of” new album – working title – “P4” – Misha Mansoor, Jake Bowen and Mark Holcomb talk about using the GetGood Drums “Modern & Massive” drum library from former bassist Adam Nolly Getgood on the album. An early 2019 release is widely anticipated through 3DOT Recordings.