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Playthrough: “Inadequate” from Rings of Saturn!

When it comes to an initiation into a band, there can’t be many longer than that of Mike Caputo. He’s been playing drums live with Rings of Saturn for two years before finally being announced as a full time member of the Technical Deathcore brutes. So he’s popped the cork on a bottle of Champagne

Bootleg: “Fortress” from Brand Of Sacrifice!

If you haven’t got tickets yet, then we can only say, don’t sleep on the upcoming Rings Of Saturn “Gidim” European Tour trek. Why? Because not only would you be missing out on the Titanic sounds of RoS but also Enterprise Earth, Traitors and this band – Brand of Sacrifice. Culled from their set at

Playthrough: “Godless Times” from Rings Of Saturn!

The coverage of NAMM 2020 has reached fever pitch with the event seemingly an endless who’s who of the great and the good of Metal. Over at the Legator booth, Lucas Mann and Joel Omans from Rings Of Saturn ripped it up with a performance of “Godless Times“. They’ll be landing in Europe at the

NEWS: Rings Of Saturn destroy Europe in February!

Austin Texas Alien Technical Death Metallers Rings of Saturn will be bringing the Gidim Release Tour to Europe in February with a trio of special guests in tow. Having just released that new album via Nuclear Blast to both controversy and critical acclaim, they follow up the success of their May run with Nekrogoblikon. Those

Interview: Rings of Saturn talk Gidim #4!

Area 51. Alien species. Technical Death Metal. These are the Adventures of the Rings of Saturn. New album “Gidim” is 5 days out of the gate and so Lucus Mann and Joel Omans discuss it’s finer points with label Nuclear Blast in this interview segment from the Austin Texanites.

Interview: Rings of Saturn talk Gidim #3!

“Gidim” will be landing on our front lawn like a UFO in Area 51 in just two, count ’em, days. That’s 25th October for the shinning new Technical Death Metal release that will take the roof off your house when it’s turned up to 10. So Rings Of Saturn Guitarist Joel Omans has spoken to

NEWS: Enterprise Earth claim the ultimate prize…

Soon to be joining Rings of Saturn on the “Gidim” release tour, Enterprise Earth have spared no expense and got their Sunday best dry cleaned for a video. That being “We Are Immortal” from their current out now album “Luciferous”. What do you mean you haven’t heard it yet? What are you waiting for? Go

Interview: Rings Of Saturn talk “Gidim” part #2!

Episode #2 of Rings Of Saturn Vs Nuclear Blast sees guitarist duo Lucas Mann and Joel Omans run through “Gidim” which will be out on 25th October via the Label. The Alien Technical Death Metal Masters fifth studio album includes “The Husk” and “Mental Prolapse” which have both been delivered in playthrough format…  

Interview: Rings of Saturn talk Metal Sub-genres!

Rings of Saturn guitarist Joel Omans has started the cheese rolling competition with his first interview in a sequence for Nuclear Blast. The end result will be the release of the Austin Texas Death Metallers fifth studio album “Gidim” via the label on 25th October. In this first installment Omans talks about his favourite Metal