Bootleg: Rings Of Saturn in Berwyn Illinois!

After Nuclear Blast released a statement saying that Rings Of Saturn had been dropped by the label with the suggestion that guitarist Lucas Mann had attempted to blackmail them by threatening to publicly talk negatively about them unless they gave into his demands, it seems like the concentric circles of controversy that have surrounded the band haven’t come to an end. But maybe they wanted to get dropped and it was part of a grand plan to go independent, embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and make more money. They’re big enough to go out on their own, the question merely being are they prepared to work for it?

So taking it back to the music that made the Aliencore act their name, here’s a full set from them at The Wire in Berwyn Illinois on 14th March 2018, pro-shot by Chevy Studios. It includes “Relic“, “Unsympathetic Intellect” and “Seized and Devoured“.

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