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Playthrough: “Theogony” from Rings Of Saturn!

Having confirmed that after two years gracing the drum stool Ryan Sinnott is indeed their main squeeze, Rings Of Saturn have shared a live drum playthrough for their new single, “Theogony”. A raw and volatile performance unedited and without studio alteration it’s a demonstration of the shape of punk to come from the Technical Death

NEWS: Rings Of Saturn question the agony of theology?

After two years of blood, sweat, tears, trials and tribulations Ryan Sinnott has finally been welcomed as the the official drummer of Rings of Saturn. During that time he has been on the road with the band but hasn’t had the opportunity to demonstrate his skills in the studio until now. He does so as

Review: “Dimensional Rift” by Lost Brethren

Having released no less than four studio albums that have included guest appearances from The Faceless mastermind Michael Keene and Rafael Trujillo of Obscura, United Kingdom Sci-fi inspired Technical Death Metal act Lost Brethren have turned to Stefano Morabito (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Decrepit Birth, Hideous Divinity) at 16th Cellar Studios in Rome to mix and master

Review: “The Drakketh Saga” by Dragoncorpse

How can we put this? Lets try this… An actively growing concern since 2021 that has brought a trio of singles to the King’s table thus far, Dragoncorpse are an intriguing international prospect. Depending on where you look Dragoncorpse the bands sound has been defined as Death Metal that seamlessly blends Deathcore and Power Metal

The Black Map #202: Infant Annihilator from Hessle!

The air of controversy hangs thick like a shroud of darkness around Infant Annihilator, the  parodies, metaphors and satires they create in their shock humour laced graphically disturbing lyrics the kind of thing that attracts and repulses at the same time, leaving some laughing out loud at the depravity of it with the words “oh

Playthrough: “Embryonic Anomaly” from Rings Of Saturn!

Who is going to be in Rings Of Saturn beyond their 10th anniversary celebration of “Embryonic Anomaly” remains shrouded in mystery with Ryan Sinnott gracing the drum stool and original vocalist Peter Pawlak returning to the microphone for the bands European Festival run this summer that so far  includes Death Feast Open Air, Rockstadt Extreme

Playthrough: “Eclipse” from Brand Of Sacrifice!

Having previously handled double duties with both his main squeeze Rings Of Saturn and Traitors when the pair came over to Europe on the “Gidim” tour cycle, Mike Caputo helped out Brand Of Sacrifice on their current run. Dedicated footage of him playing “Eclipse” at Goldfield Trading Post in Roseville California on 17th December is

Playthrough: “Unsympathetic Intellect” from Rings Of Saturn!

Proudly endorsing Scorpion Percussion Sticks, Footblaster Kick Trigger and Czarcie Krypto Pedals, Mike Caputo has shared dedicated drum cam footage of his performance of “Unsympathetic Intellect” from the set of Rings Of Saturn that took place in February 2020 at Manchester Rebellion during the “Gidim” European tour. Having witnessed the onslaught ourselves at London’s Camden

Bootleg: Rings Of Saturn in Berwyn Illinois!

After Nuclear Blast released a statement saying that Rings Of Saturn had been dropped by the label with the suggestion that guitarist Lucas Mann had attempted to blackmail them by threatening to publicly talk negatively about them unless they gave into his demands, it seems like the concentric circles of controversy that have surrounded the

Playthrough: “Invasion” from Rings Of Saturn!

Using tones from the Soldano SLO-100 Suite Plugin by Neural DSP, Rings Of Saturn guitarist Lucas Mann has given us a playthrough video for “Invasion” from the 10th Anniversary edition of “Embryonic Anomaly“. A live beast, the Aliencore act are set to decimate Dynamo Metal Fest in Eindhoven Netherlands at the end of August before