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NEWS: Brand Of Sacrifice live Between Death And Dreams?

Director Dylan Hryciuk from Versa Films, the seemingly never off the road, Canadian Deathcore heavy hitters Brand Of Sacrifice have dropped a music video for the title track of their new EP “Between Death And Dreams” which leaves us wondering quite where they find the time to take a leak in their busy schedule. Out

Documentary: Brand Of Sacrifice on Bus Invaders!

While Amoeba have the iconic “What’s In My Bag?” series, Digital Tour Bus have the “Bus Invaders” series. Taking place in Chicago Illinois, this week’s episode finds the cameras rolling outside the House Of Blues as Canadian Deathcore heavyweights Brand Of Sacrifice roll up with Erra and We Came As Romans. The timing is perfect

NEWS: Brand Of Sacrifice trapped in the space between a blink and a tear?

“Between Death And Dreams” is the title that Canadian Deathcore heavyweights Brand Of Sacrifice have chosen for a new four track EP which will drop on 21st April. That news is accompanied by an obligatory single and music video in “Dynasty” with the previously released “Exodus” also making an appearance. Intriguingly it looks as though the

NEWS: Brand Of Sacrifice get darker with “Exodus”!

Examining the darker side of what humans are capable of Toronto Deathcore collective Brand Of Sacrifice have begun the next chapter of their career with a music video for their new single “Exodus“. It is one expected to appear in the set as the band head from Pittsburgh to Detroit with We Came As Romans

Documentary: Drum Pedal configuration with Brand Of Sacrifice!

Deathcore drummer extraordinare Mike Caputo from Brand Of Sacrifice takes a some time out to explain his pedal configuration and demonstrates his singles and doubles technique in this new featurette, the first time he’s actually shared a video where he talks to the camera. The pedal in question made by Czarcie Kopyro while he also

Playthrough: “Demon King” from Brand Of Sacrifice!

Filmed during a sold out show with Spiritbox and Dayseeker at The House of Blues in Anaheim California on 24th August here’s dedicated drum cam footage from Mike Caputo as he performs “Demon King” with Brand Of Sacrifice. The Canadian Deathcore collective continue to defy the odds by mixing up who they share stages with and

Playthrough: “Fortress” from Brand Of Sacrifice!

Courtesy of the man himself, here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Mike Caputo performing “Fortress” with Canadian Deathcore collective Brand Of Sacrifice. The set took place on 10th July at ZooMontana in Billings Montana on tour with Shadow Of Intent, Whitechapel and As I Lay Dying and sees him using Vratim drum shoes, Scorpion percussion

Playthrough: “Charlotte” from Brand Of Sacrifice!

Known for his skills not only as a brilliant drummer, but as a musician who can fill in at the drop of a hat and can do double duties, Mike Caputo of Rings Of Saturn has shared live drum cam footage of himself performing “Charlotte” with Brand of Sacrifice at Goldfield Trading Post in Roseville

Bootleg: Brand Of Sacrifice in Minneapolis!

Joining Erra in Europe at the beginning of 2022 here’s a full set from Brand Of Sacrifice at The Cabooze in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 30th November pro-shot by Leo Sypniewski as the band tear down venues in the US in support of their current album “Lifeblood“. You know, the one dropped via Nuclear Blast imprint label

NEWS: Brand Of Sacrifice return to Lifeblood with Will Ramos!

While the original album “Lifeblood” has guest appearances from Frankie Palmeri of Emmure, Ben Duerr of Shadow Of Intent, Jamie Graham of Viscera and Tyler Shelton of Traitors all making guest vocal appearances, it seems that there are more in the offering from Brand Of Sacrifice. The Toronto Deathcore beasts have unveiled an alternative version