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NEWS: Imperial Execration summon the demons!

Combined with artwork created by John Quevedo Janssens (Fleshtorture, Paganizer, Those Who Bring The Torture), Brutal Death Metal trio Imperial Execration who feature in their ranks members and former members of Ataud, Goreinhaled, Despondency and  Engulfed In Abomination are set to begin a new reign of terror on 9th December. Their debut album “Commanding Satan’s Crusades“,

The Black Map #94: Twitch Of The Death Nerve from London!

Taking the short journey from Reading to London for this week’s entry in the black book we turn the heaviness screw up on the stretching rack with a band who are named after the 1971 horror movie filmed by Mario Bava. Originally formed in 2004 as a side project by guitarist vocalist Tom Bradfield and