Review: “A Resting Place For The Wrathful” by Twitch Of The Death Nerve

London’s Twitch Of The Death Nerve claim to write Brutal Death Metal but let’s be honest, once you’ve heard those vocals, it’s hard not to put the word Slam in there somewhere. Having defined “A New Code Of Morality” with their debut album in 2014, the axis of evil that is Tom Bradfield (Guitars/Vocals) and Tom Carter (Bass) are experienced campaigners of extremity. They served time with the likes of Infected Disarray and Repulsive Dissection to name but a few and are now joined by former  Goreinhaled drummer Mauro Marin as they abandon themselves to complete and utter violence, which we witnessed them unleash at Death To Cancer IV.

Out of the gate like a Pitbull greyhound cross foaming at the mouth with the title track “A Resting Place For The Wrathful“, the cutting use of horror film speech sample “I’m full of rage. I hate all men. I hate life” adds to the darkness unfurling before your very ears as Bradfield pours his distain for humanity out. Sweeping chord progressions and a Primus esq little bass solo are highlights before the seamless flow into “Ochlocratic Prostration” which is every inch the depiction of horror with the speech sample being a break from Bradfield’s brutal slam vocals. He’s clearly well practiced at gargling bleach. Musically there is no “core” element that usually swims around those type of vocals, it’s a Death Metal soundscape with the absence of a solo though it has plenty of squeals and a raw, live feel. A blood and thunder groove laiden affair “Apotropaic Scarification” leaves no stone unturned in its relentless pursuit of its victim. A couple of anvil heavy breakdown moments are nothing short of being so heavy that you risk cracking your skull on the floor if you headbang too hard. “This Sickening Frailty” shows no let up and to be fair, not even the label was expecting a mid album Celine Dion moment. Much like the material from Snorlax, it’s grimaced rantings are barely audible with the vocals being more of an instrument or implement of mass destruction than anything else.

The second half of the record begins with “A Witness To Ruination” which after a sample about turning his weapons on his own kind over some sinister slow riffs, steps up into a breakneck bludgeoning rhythmic gymnastic moment of twisting and turning evil. While it never quite descends into the chaos that seems possible at various points, it comes damn close. “The Locard Principle” sees some bloodcurdling screeches added to the vocal mix while the guitars continue to tear holes in the fabric of space and time. Chugging and lurching with tempo shifts and bursts of blast beats from Marin, who is an absolute beast on the kit, it’s a stand out moment. “Immured In Dissociation” is lit up by the sample “I look at people and see nothing worth liking” and sees Twitch Of The Death Nerve perform the ultimate act of catharsis in creating a violently aggresive piece of savagery. If music soothes even the savage beast then the band is soothing themselves as each one is a beast in his own right in their relentless pursuit of Death Metal perfection. The final hammer blow to the already fractured skull comes in the form of “Promulgation Of Infected Innards“, that threatens the end of humanity in its own right. This is the kind of music that the likes of Vulvodynia and Mental Cruelty listen to and take inspiration from as they pour vodka onto their cornflakes, make no mistake. Total annihilation. “…a green and insignificant planet is now dead.” prepare to have a brain hemorrhage after listening to this [7.5/10]

Track listing

1. A Resting Place For The Wrathful
2. Ochlocratic Prostration
3. Apotropaic Scarification
4. This Sickening Frailty
5. A Witness To Ruination
6. The Locard Principle
7. Immured In Dissociation
8. Promulgation Of Infected Innards

“A Resting Place For The Wrathful” by Twitch Of The Death Nerve releases 27th March via Comatose Music

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