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Review: “Inherited Methods of Cruelty” by Legacy of Torment

The winds of change are upon us and so cometh the hour, cometh three Kings, three horsemen of the apocalypse to deliver us to evil and inflict upon us torturous pain with plague, pestilence and famine hitherto unknown. Each musician is known for the scars upon his back with Australian bass player Sam Marino having served

Review: “Warfield Forever” by Necronemesis

Fifteen years after they released their third EP “Warfield Of The Dead“, Puerto Rican Death Metal seers Necronemesis have returned to the trenches to re-record it with modern production values and equipment. Elevating it from a demo to something a little more modern without losing any of the charm of the original is no mean

Review: “Metastasis” by Bloodjob

There is a long history going back to ancient times of bands with supreme talent imploding or suffering from a revolving door of musicians which prevent perpetual forward motion towards self immolation in the fires of Valhalla. A prime example of the latter are German Death Metal quintet Bloodjob, a growing concern since their formation

NEWS: Heretic Plague dance to the tune of Knotted Slips?

Selfmadegod Records have announced the debut album “Context Is A Stumbling Corpse” from Heretic Plague will see the cold light of day on 7th April and submitted evidence for the Jury to review in “Bleeding Stump Marathon“. Dragged from the darkness with guitars and bass from Adam Watts of Beef Conspiracy fame alongside drums, vocals,

Review: “Self Titled” by Light Denied

“The EP was recorded during 2022, consisting of 2 older rerecorded songs (Light Denied and No Pity for the Weak) and 2 newer never before recorded ones (Brooding Shadows and Wither). We are currently focused on rehearsing and preparing our next songs. Might go for some gigs as well. Special thanks to Maledictor for mastering

NEWS: Imperial Execration summon the demons!

Combined with artwork created by John Quevedo Janssens (Fleshtorture, Paganizer, Those Who Bring The Torture), Brutal Death Metal trio Imperial Execration who feature in their ranks members and former members of Ataud, Goreinhaled, Despondency and  Engulfed In Abomination are set to begin a new reign of terror on 9th December. Their debut album “Commanding Satan’s Crusades“,

Review: “Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught” by Stabbing

When it comes to Brutal Texas Death Metal, it’s rare to have one female of the species in a band but in the case of Stabbing, a band who have earned their scars in brutal units like Scattered Remains, Flesh Hoarder and Nephilim Grinder to name but a few, somehow they have a pair of them

Review: “Congregation Pestilence” by Drawn And Quartered

Both a formidable and influential force in the realm of Death Metal over the past three decades, Drawn And Quartered first arrived on the scene back in 1992 in Seattle and since have unleashed a discography of seven critically acclaimed full length records. While they may not have achieved the level of recognition that other

Bootleg: Twitch Of The Death Nerve: The Mill Hill Sessions!

Filmed at the Mill Hill Music Complex in November 2020, London Brutal Death Metallers Twitch Of The Death Nerve have unveiled five cuts live in the studio directed by Jason Acero. The footage sees the trio rattle through the likes of “The Sickening Frailty” and “Facadism” in low budget horror film black and white style