Review: “Metastasis” by Bloodjob

There is a long history going back to ancient times of bands with supreme talent imploding or suffering from a revolving door of musicians which prevent perpetual forward motion towards self immolation in the fires of Valhalla. A prime example of the latter are German Death Metal quintet Bloodjob, a growing concern since their formation in 2007. After three years of dwelling in the underground, bastardising and brutalizing their style with influences from Slam, Thrash, Grindcore and Black Metal, they rose to the surface with a pair of well received EPs in 2010’s “Scalptures of Laceration” 2012’s “Misogynic Obsessions” before enduring some violent turbulence. Despite that they managed to tread where Gods fear to alongside the likes of Entombed, Ingested and Inhumate before 2019’s self-produced debut album “Sick Concept Humanity” made its mark. Now the band return with “Metastasis” via Lethal Scissor Records. Mastered by Chris Erkens (Cambion, Reckless Manslaughter) at (((Cyphx-Audio))) the record once again finds the band a revolving door of musicians however with a rejuvenated line up they are now said to be working on a full length to follow…

…the current line up of Bloodjob consists of vocalist Sascha Kaiser, axe wielding duo Oliver Mühlig and Markus Seibert with a rhythm section of Karol Plata on bass and Julian Dietrich on drums, thus ensuring continuity from that self produced record when Dietrich was merely a session musician. Out for blood, Metastasis is a concept record of sorts,  dealing with our dystopian view on the degeneration of civilization as we know it while offering three brand new cuts and two re-recorded works. Opening cut “Cancerous Growth” hits like a baseball bat to the skull, taking a leaf from the book of bands like Twitch of the Death Nerve with a pulsating performance of raw energy, disgusting riffs and vocal savagery while having a real lyrical intelligence underneath the weight of battery. That means once the mosh pit is over, the lyric sheet is worth investigation should you so desire. “Nano-based Inconsistency” rips the throat out with like a 90’s Death Metal masterclass from Deicide, the raw aggression cutting through any fat left on the bone like a cutting laser. Kaiser is more than happy to offer a blend of vocal styles, his range impressing throughout. The punishment continues with the rip-roaring “All for the Good“, a skull shattering rhythmic powerhouse upon which Kaiser uses up the warranty on his larynx while a stealth solo is deployed in fine fashion. There can be no mistaking the qualities on display here and if the band had a less imposing vocalist then maybe they would go further, but that would be to take away part of what makes this a special axe to grind. Another lethal dose of pure hatred “Basement Breed” tears limb from limb with serial killer intent, a Groove Death masterpiece of uncompromisingly high standards that begs for a moment in a classic slasher horror film. Sealing the deal “Drowning in Defecation” is packed full of menacing riffs with sinister overtones while a face melting solo decimates the weak. Bloodjob are the perfect candidates to appear at both Obscene Extreme Festival in the Czech Republic and Maryland Deathfest so someone needs to make it happen [8/10]

Track Listing

1. Cancerous Growth
2. Nano-based Inconsistency
3. All for the Good
4. Basement Breed
5. Drowning in Defecation

Metastasis” by Bloodjob is out 10th March 2023 via Lethal Scissor Records with pre-orders available here

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