Review: “Warfield Forever” by Necronemesis

Fifteen years after they released their third EP “Warfield Of The Dead“, Puerto Rican Death Metal seers Necronemesis have returned to the trenches to re-record it with modern production values and equipment. Elevating it from a demo to something a little more modern without losing any of the charm of the original is no mean feat but with original vocalist Vinicio Tejada and bassist Daniel Munos no longer part of the outfit there was always going to be a level of change. Given new artwork in keeping with the original, the new record has been rebranded “Warfield Forever” and four of the five original tracks appear. “Death From Above” is the one that is cut as it was re-recorded and released on the bands 2021 debut full length “Some Things Should Stay Underground“, an album has the same name as their 2005 demo…

Opening cut “Dreaming With Dead Bodies” is the only one of this collection not to appear on the original release, instead dating back to the bands 2003 demo “Death’s Creation” and then being re-released several times in altered iterations. This rendition is 43 seconds shorter than the one which appeared on the bands 2005 demo “Some Things Should Stay Underground” which tells you that it has been refined in the fires and made a leaner, meaner and more aggressive for it. What’s interesting about the track is that while it is particularly vocally brutal, there are Thrash roots which are exposed in some of the riffs. The kit work reminds of bands like Twitch Of The Death Nerve and sounding as if it was recorded live on the floor in one take. Introduced by a sample from 1987’s “Death Wish 4: The Crackdown” and extended by some 12 seconds, “Drawn And Quartered” has a classic Groove Death riff at its black beating heart, the longer instrumental passages an incitement to cause mosh pit violence. This one has clever vocal layering with shriller tones underpinning the savage bark so that you get a decent contrast while ensuring that both remain nightmare inducing, the quartet intent on giving us as much violent turbulence as possible without straying too far from the path. The hope was that it was always going to remain true to the original and sound like it should be received by tape trading in the early 1980s, still soaked in those old school flavours and much to our surprise it does. There must have been temptation to make the record sound crisp, clean and modern but that has been skilfully avoided.

The blood gargling continues into “Share The Load” which has also been extended, this time by 8 seconds and sounds like Massacre demo from the early days as the chugging riffs fly from the fretboard. How Angel David managed to reproduce the vocals of Founding Father Vinicio Tejada Franky Jr Cancel is mind blowing. Here he sounds like a demonic cannibal in search of prey, this throat becoming a weaponised implement of destruction rather than providing any recognisable lyric. That’s by no means a bad thing but it does tell you what the band were up against when the major labels came calling. A staccato riff infestation of the highest order “Warfield Of The Dead” is a kind of homage to low budget horror films, front loaded with a collection of familiar sounding riffs that work very well together. Sinister and menacing with ear drum scaling vocals and some cleverly worked tempo changes, another classic film sample being the icing on the cake as “It’s a trick. Get an axe.” from Army of Darkness appears before the final onslaught. Angel David has become almost feral by the time “Whatever Comes Out This Fucking Corpse” rears its ugly head and if the title didn’t give it away, it’s another death obsessed, chaos and gore fuelled monstrosity… and yet under the weight of the falling concrete there are some riffs that immediately bring to mind Orange County Metalcore collective Bleeding Through [7.5/10]

Track Listing

1. Dreaming With Dead Bodies
2. Drawn And Quartered
3. Share The Load
4. Warfield Of The Dead
5. Whatever Comes Out This Fucking Corpse

Warfield Forever” by Necronemesis was released on 1st December 2023 via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and is available over at bandcamp

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