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NEWS: Assimilator to bring Death Metal 2 The Masses in June!

Keeping their promise, two months after they unveiled the artwork for “Expelled Into Suffering“, a new EP from Indiana old school Thrashing Death Metal destroyers Assimilator, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have given us a first single. Conjoined to pre-orders including merch bundles over at bandcamp the track is titled “I Am“, one of four

NEWS: L.M.I. tune in to channel 13!

Much to our surprise given the labels prior procrastinations, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have announced they will be distributing “Failed To Feel It“, a new album from Pennsylvanian Chaotic Hardcore Punk outfit L.M.I. Throwing out the baby with the bathwater they’ve offered up “Dead Channel Thirst” from the 21st June drop from a band who have

NEWS: Assimilator warn of a scorching summer!

Old School Death Thrash masters Assimilator have inked a deal in blood with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions for the release of a new EP titled “Expelled into Suffering“. Described as an unapologetic return to their dirtier brand of the New Wave of American Death Metal roots and a raw and intense experience, the four

NEWS: Kosuke Hashida take us to Paradise City!

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have announced they are set to release the debut album “Justifiable Homicide” from Tokyo Japan’s blistering Deathgrind act Kosuke Hashida on 5th April. The solo project of a guitarist known for his work in both World End Man and Abysmal Dawn, this collection brings together elements of Death, Thrash, Grindcore, Hardcore

NEWS: Mudshow carve their own destiny!

Indebted to “A Season In Hell” by 19th-century French Symbolist poet Arthur Rimbaud, a concept record telling the story of Matt Tremont’s explosive and blood-soaked feuds with Atsushi Onita and Rickey Shane Page is on the horizon from Memphis Tennessee ultra violent Sludge Metal sadists Mudshow. Titled “Destiny“, the record explores the themes of martyrdom,

Review: “Warfield Forever” by Necronemesis

Fifteen years after they released their third EP “Warfield Of The Dead“, Puerto Rican Death Metal seers Necronemesis have returned to the trenches to re-record it with modern production values and equipment. Elevating it from a demo to something a little more modern without losing any of the charm of the original is no mean

NEWS: Empires Of Euphrates offer “A Kingdom With No King”!

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have welcomed Death Metal supergroup Empires Of Euphrates to their label for the release of their debut EP “Echoes Of Ancient Past“. Hailing from Maryland, the trio is the brainchild of Vincent Matthews (Dying Fetus, Criminal Element, Sadistic Torment), Kevin Talley (Decrepit Birth, Misery Index, Suffocation) and Jim Ross (Bandwhore)

NEWS: Necronemesis remain on the battlefield!

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions are set to release EP “Warfield Forever” from Puerto Rican vile Death Metal beasts Necronemesis on 1st December. The follow up to their critically acclaimed 2021 album “Some Things Should Stay Underground” has a wealth of pre-order offerings including t-shirt bundles here while boasting five fresh cuts with lyrical themes

Review: “Midnight Assassin” by Sadistic Force

The body of work that Sadistic Force have put together over the past few years has been nothing short of incredible and having received critical acclaim for their debut album “Aces Wild” it is safe to say that their sophomore record is in the highly anticipated section of the comic book store. It is said

Review: “Forever Below” by Putrascension

It has been a long hard road out of hell for New Jersey Blackened Death Metal quintet Putrascension. An outfit comprised of seasoned veteran musicians known for their prior convictions in Windfaerer, Replicant, WolfCloak, Tombs, Abacinate, Kalopsia and Hammer Fight to name but a few, they have had to endure a two year wait to deliver