Review: “Self Titled” by Light Denied

The EP was recorded during 2022, consisting of 2 older rerecorded songs (Light Denied and No Pity for the Weak) and 2 newer never before recorded ones (Brooding Shadows and Wither). We are currently focused on rehearsing and preparing our next songs. Might go for some gigs as well. Special thanks to Maledictor for mastering and mixing our EP, Vhan artworks & printing for the cover as well as a few others that helped us get the release ready” ~ Light Denied

Originally formed as far back as 2011 by guitarist and vocalist Alex Sindjelić, Light Denied are a Serbian Death Metal act hailing from Belgrade that almost did not see the cold light of day. The first stable line up (that’s not the original line up) played a couple of gigs in their home city in 2012 before embarking on a mini tour through Austria and Slovenia in 2013 but that was as far as they could get… Until now. Joined by guitarist Pavle Bojković and drummer Vladimir Nedeljković, the trio recorded two older and two newer songs to present their debut EP at the Kings table almost a decade after it all began…

There is a lot to be said for Alex Sindjelić holding a candle for Light Denied for a decade and not allowing his frustrations to get the best of him because let’s face it, many would have simply given up the dream long ago. The decision to pair two older cuts with two newer ones and get their music out there is also to be commended as it allows them to focus on fresh material as a trio while celebrating the legacy of those early days. Opening cut and the one from which the band also takes its name in “Light Denied” is a vicious little ditty of sinister and menacing atmospherics and crushing Death Metal riffs that celebrates the golden age of the genre with Old School vibes that bring to mind the work of Deicide, God Syndrome and perhaps even Cannibal Corpse. The helter skelter solo on “Brooding Shadows” is a moment to be cherished in a bloodstained rampage through the urban jungle, Sindjelić doing his finest demonic summoning with a growled unclean vocal that no doubt sees him roll his eyes into his skull during the live shows. “No Pity for the Weak” finds Light Denied in Twitch Of The Death Nerve territory with the qualities Nedeljković brings to the table at the drum stool shining through. The ground beneath the remains rumbles with his laser guided artillery shelling style. It’s not just the jackhammer footwork but the blazing fills that form the backbone for riffs as they scorch the Earth with searing heat and intensity. The ear drums bleed but there is no escape from what lurks in the darkness and all you can do is snap your neck in submission to the sound. Gravelly low vocals scrape the bottom of the barrel as “Wither” comes life like a reanimated corpse. Hypnotic riffs will have audiences swaying like marionettes with poison chalices held aloft in respect of the mantra while a soaring extended solo threatens as it brings things to a cleverly designed, evil grin cracking false ending. This not only makes up for lost time but puts Light Denied firmly on the map [8/10]

Track Listing

  1. Light Denied
  2. Brooding Shadows
  3. No Pity for the Weak
  4. Wither

Self Titled” by Light Denied is out now via Inverse Records and is available over at bandcamp.

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