Review: “Pelon Varjo” by Vainoa

Recorded in September 2020, during the year of the Great Plague with Felipe Hauri who also mixed at Obscura Recording Studios before being mastered by Will Killingsworth at Deadair Studios, “Pelon Varjo” is a raised middle finger to those who said it couldn’t be done from Helsinki, Finland based Blackened Hardcore quintet Vainoa. Their name translates as “Persecution” and they’ve been making a scene since 2016, their 2018 split with Shark Vanishing followed by an EP recorded Live at La Barre in Joensu in 2019…

Näytä Kuolemasi Minulle” or “Show Your Death to Me” was released as a taster before hand a ferocious blend of rampant Black Metal Blast Beats and wild feral vocal screams that hits your ear drums like you just grabbed a 10,000 electric fence. A short, fast, ripping and tearing cut it leaves you breathless and could easily be played twice over back to back live because it would be over by the time certain individuals got their ass to the pit. Title track “Pelon Varjo” or “Shadow of Fear” then follows up, another blistering tornado of souls as it rages through your brain like lightening bolt encased in Blackened Crust Punk leanings like a poison dwarf out for vengeance. “Vainot Eivät Pääty Koskaan” or “Persecution Never Ends” slows things down from full blown chaos to bedlam in the asylum with some high energy incendiary riffs and percussive bomb blasts with guitar leads and a certain haunting Black Metal edge that adds something different to their attack. “Ääni Sen Menettäneille” or “The Voice Of Those Who Lost It” then comes in swinging, like a Superjoint Ritual demo of pure aggression at breakneck speed that drags you kicking and screaming through a hedge backwards as you p*** your pants. They do however slow it down progressively towards the tale end with an ocean of feedback to close, proving they have more in their locker and that is put to good use for Musta Paraati Cover “Metalliset Kasvot” or “Metallic Face” which draws out the torture with raw edged abrasions that build atmosphere in a punishing opening before diving head long into their usual fare. So if you’re ever feeling tired and can’t find a Red Bull or a Coffee, then throw on this EP from Vainoa, it’s a pure an adrenaline rush as there is without being on a rollercoaster ride [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Näytä Kuolemasi Minulle
  2. Pelon Varjo
  3. Vainot Eivät Pääty Koskaan
  4. Ääni Sen Menettäneille
  5. Metalliset Kasvot (Musta Paraati Cover)

Pelon Varjo” by Vainoa is out 12th February 2021 and available over at bandcamp.

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