Review: “A History Of Nomadic Behavior” by EYEHATEGOD

Taking its titled from three years straight that the band spent on the road from 2017 onwards, the follow up to the incendiary self titled record that they released in 2014 has been on the back burner for so long that some feared it might never happen. But then after four months spent recovering from liver failure, frontman Mike XI Williams wasn’t going to consider turning down the opportunity to play exotic nations they’d never visited such as Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Israel and Tasmania with EYEHATEGOD. So fans have had to endure something of a prison sentence, a seven year stretch with no new studio material, until the appearance of “High Risk Trigger“, a cryptic and abstract cut that touches on the fears storm sweeping through the nation and a society sickened by police brutality, which set the tone for this record with a timely reminder of exactly what this band have been about since 1988.

Soaked if feedback and Buzzsaw guitars, “Built Beneath the Lies” sees Jimmy Bower offering up some bluesy Stoner Metal riffs in his usual fuzzy tones as Mike IX Williams confronts the swirling tornado of negativity that is beginning to threaten our existence. They may not consider themselves a political band by any stretch but EYEHATEGOD have actually created a record that reflects on the World with a black toothed grin and the Hardcore Punk of “The Outer Banks” is says it all before “Fake What’s Yours” cuts a low frequency buzz mid-paced chugger that ponders on the notion that silence is betrayal. Drummer Aaron Hill provides a constant rumble amid stop start riffage and the feel that the band are simply recording live in a dive bar somewhere is never lost, particularly on “Current Situation” which ends with Williams screaming over incessant feedback. Lets face it, sometimes all you see is misery and you just hate everything.

Jimmy Bower has a pocket full of inventive riffs and the nuances that he puts in with bluesy leads are counter balanced by Williams ranting and raving while the rhythm section throw in little tempo shifts to add the the sense of occasion while the Jazz fueled little ditty that is “Smoker’s Piece” takes us back to a bygone era. It’s a light relief from Williams that you can play to your mother before “Circle of Nerves” kicks things back into life with that sense of the dysfunctional that never leaves with a fierce and intensely raw aggression that is an absolute pleasure. The finale that is “Every Thing, Every Day” then takes hold, a rant against the culture of the cycle of work in a 9-5 run of the mill job that leaves most people thinking about killing their boss. There is a knowing, tongue in cheek humor that resonates here, the mundane and torturous nature of that cycle put to the sword by Williams in some style. It’s miserable but it’s also fun. A cathartic, scathing sound track to the here and now, “A History Of Nomadic Behavior” is a primal, raw and fierce affair that not only demonstrates that the band are still relevant 33 years down the track, but raises a middle finger to anyone who disagrees [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Built Beneath the Lies
  2. The Outer Banks
  3. Fake What’s Yours
  4. Three Black Eyes
  5. Current Situation
  6. High Risk Trigger
  7. Anemic Robotic
  8. The Day Felt Wrong
  9. The Trial of Johnny Cancer
  10. Smoker’s Piece
  11. Circle of Nerves
  12. Every Thing, Every Day

A History Of Nomadic Behavior” by EYEHATEGOD is out 12th March via Century Media

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