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NEWS: Resin Tomb plug the leak?

Australian death-grind outfit Resin Tomb, featuring members of Siberian Hell Sounds, Descent, Consumed and Snorlax, have just released another track from their forthcoming debut album “Cerebral Purgatory“, which is set to be released on 19th January 2024 via Transcending Obscurity Records. Titled “Purge Fluid” it follows “Human Confetti” and “Dysphoria” out of hell’s gate with

NEWS: Snorlax is reawakening this summer…

Limited to 150 copies of transparent blue or orange vinyl by Brilliant Emperor Records, the forthcoming album “The Necrotrophic Abyss” from Brendan Auld Black Metal solo project Snorlax has seen another teaser cut from it in “Reawaken“. Recorded and mixed at his infamous Black Blood Audio studio between 2021 and 2022 the album was then

NEWS: Snorlax read from the Book Ov Serpents!

The prophecies foretold of a beast rising from the black depths, it’s spitting, snarling, venomous voice perforating ear drums as it hunts in the dead of night and that beast is known simply as Snorlax. The solo project of Australian recording engineer and multi instrumentalist Brendan Auld which has already offered a pair of vicious

Bootleg: “Unconsecrated // Ascendancy” from Resin Tomb!

Recorded live at Brisbane’s Black Blood Audio, Resin Tomb relight the fires of hatred with dissonant Death Grind as they perform “Unconsecrated // Ascendancy“, a pair of cuts released by Brilliant Emperor as a 7” vinyl back in October. It’s said to be the first of a series of long awaited underground mine blastings from

Review: “Divination” by Slog

“Divination” represents the second album from Death Doom project Slog, the follow up to the late 2021 release “Graves” via Transylvanian Recordings and Morbid And Miserable Records from a duo in Jared Moran (drums and vocals) and Nicholas Turner (guitars and bass). Known to the relevant Government agencies for their separate prior convictions in Yzordderrex,

Review: “Nihilistic Rustbelt Black Metal II” by Xenomorph

Described as being birthed during a time of deep personal struggle, starvation and self torture to find higher meaning in pointless existence, “Nihilistic Rustbelt Black Metal”, the debut solo endeavour of Cincinnati Ohio’s Xenomorph has been painstakingly re-recorded from the ground up. Crafted from the darkest reaches of the American Midwest by the multi instrumentalist,

NEWS: Resin Tomb announce EP series with “Ascendancy”!

…with pre-orders available here, Brisbane’s dissonant death grind elites Resin Tomb return with the first of an upcoming series of long awaited blastings that are set to receive limited edition vinyl pressings via Brilliant Emperor following their 2020 self titled debut EP. Formed in 2018 with members of Siberian Hell Sounds, Descent & Snorlax, Resin

Review: “Order Of Chaos” by Descent

Engineered by Brendan Auld at Black Blood Audio, mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge, Gatecreeper, Year Of The Knife) at God City Studios and mastered by Brad Boatright (God’s Hate, Drug Church, Wristmeetrazor) at Audioseige, “Order of Chaos” is the sophomore album from HM2 inspired Swedish Death Metal quintet Descent from Brisbane, Australia with grandiose artwork

Review: “The Tenebrous Mist” by Coffin Breath

Shrouded in a p*** soaked cloak of mystery, Doom infused Blackened Death Metal act Coffin Breath have arisen from tombs hitherto unexplored with a debut EP recorded in April 2021. The zombified reanimated corpses  digitally self released a month later and it has now been picked up by cult Dutch label Seed Of Doom, known

Review: “Pain Codex” by Bled Out

What do you do when you’re a drummer light and about to record an EP? You get the multi-instrumentalist who you’ve hired to record and mix the EP to play them! So falling on their feet, Brisbane, Australian Metallic Hardcore act Bled Out asked the legendary Brendan Auld (Snorlax, Descent, Feculent) to do just that