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Exclusive Interview: Penny Coffin talk “ΤΕΦΡΑ”!

The notorious homeless shelters of Victorian London is where Scottish and Greek Death Metal trio Penny Coffin take their name and in their debut EP “ΤΕΦΡΑ” (pronounced “Tefra” and meaning human ashes, in Greek) they have crossed our palms with silver. Formed during the Great Plague Daniel Paton (guitars and vocals), Joseph Edward Kelly (guitars,

Review: “ΤΕΦΡΑ” by Penny Coffin

Pronounced “Tefra” and meaning human ashes, in Greek “ΤΕΦΡΑ” marks the debut offering to the Metal Gods from Penny Coffin, a Scottish and Greek Death Metal trio comprising Daniel Paton (guitars and vocals), Joseph Edward Kelly (guitars, vocals and bass) and Panagiotis Rodopoulos who you may know from his work in Bionic Origin and Dominicide

Review: “The Grotesque Arena” by Feculent

What happens when a collection of four musicians known for their work in Black, Death and Thrash Metal get together in a rehearsal space and play some Jack Daniels Beer Pong? Ideas are birthed, bonds are forged and the end product is a both a new project and a new record. The project is called

Review: “I Am Void” by The Machinist

A new entity comprised of members of venomous Black Metal beast Reign Of Erebus and bile spewing mechanical monster NekroDrako who have undertaken surgery that has brought to life a Frankenstein’s Monster in the form The Machinist. Between them, the quartet they have created “I Am Void“, painting nightmarish visions in Industrial Blackened Death Metal,

Review: “Death Comes Supreme” by Affliction Vector

Conceived as an introspective exploration by multi instrumentalist Ans in 2018 after the dissolution of Ooze and his separation from Grime, he decided to embrace a solo works, forging a path through his own inner demons, choosing isolation and his dissolving mental health as a fuel for his creative flame and following a dark path

Review: “The Sign of Spiritual Delusion” by Cross Bringer

A new band formed by members of Euglena and The Homeless is Dead specializing in Blackened Hardcore, Cross Bringer has musicians in both Belgium and Russia. Their debut album “The Sign of Spiritual Delusion” was recorded in the early part of 2020 as a concept release representing phases of the phenomenon called Prelest; A spiritual

Review: “The Encompassing Nothing” by Thorn

Weaving elements of Death Metal, Doom, Post-Metal and Grind, the debut release from Phoenix Arizona based one man project Thorn is the ideal soundscape for worshiping pagan gods and making offerings to unknown entities while going feral in schizophrenic madness. As a musician, you may know Thorn as the guitarist from Xeno Ooze and Glitterbomb

Review: “The Sinister Business of Selling Hope” by Exitium Sui

“Over the last year, I had suffered delusions, horrific dreams I could not escape and psychotic episodes due to past traumas I had somehow managed to repress and neglect. The state that I was in, combined with my active reading of postcolonial and post War literature got me thinking about trauma and its lasting effects

Review: “Towards Non-Being” EP by Hovert

Hovert started as a one man depressive Black Metal project from the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia. Founded by vocalist and guitarist Alever in 2010, the band have released one demo in 2010’s “Despair” (which was originally lost), two albums in 2013’s “Nothing Else” and 2019’s “SOL“, two splits (with Cheerful, Depression, Smoking Culture, Psychonaut

Review: “Self Titled” by Resin Tomb

How is it that some musicians can keep their fingers in many pies, spinning the plates of multiple projects simultaneously while keeping each one different and distinctive? For Resin Tomb who feature members of Siberian Hell Sounds, Descent and Snorlax among others in their ranks, it’s a challenge. Vocalist Matthew Budge, drummer Perry Vedelago and