Review: “Nihilistic Rustbelt Black Metal II” by Xenomorph

Described as being birthed during a time of deep personal struggle, starvation and self torture to find higher meaning in pointless existence, “Nihilistic Rustbelt Black Metal”, the debut solo endeavour of Cincinnati Ohio’s Xenomorph has been painstakingly re-recorded from the ground up. Crafted from the darkest reaches of the American Midwest by the multi instrumentalist, who performs all instruments, before being mastered by Mike Ogden, it features artwork by Tarih Abdlazz that paints a hieroglyphic depiction of the Alien from the 1979 Ridley Scott classic. So the expectation is set for something monsterous with the reason for the re-recording given as “to be heard the way it was meant to“…

…as it goes, the first “Nihilistic Rustbelt Black Metal” EP states it marked one year of playing with this version was released on the first anniversary of it, between times a split EP with Wolfraven and a full album in “Rüstwelt” appearing in between. A raw Black Metal record, this one is comes to life with a classic chest bursting sample from the second Alien film before the raw Black Metal of “Die Kraft Arbeit” (German for “The Paper Work“) is ignited. A classic dark, dank, basement torture chamber hell style recording it sounds like a one take analogue affair, a warts and all white knuckle ride through chambers of darkness with the sound ricocheting off the walls like stray bullets. Spitting, snarling vocal venom reminiscent of Brendan Auld’s Snorlax project are are the fore, incomprehensible and yet gripping as they spew into the ears like putrid bile. Follow up “Punition Qui Fait Mal” (French for “Punishment that Hurts“) is equally deranged, the banshee wails and classic Black Metal riffs restless and relentless in their pursuit of demonic summoning. The oppressive atmosphere of darkness would be stripped away should these recordings be repeated in a studio and polished although it has to be said that this work is not for those weak of mind, a strong stomach is the minimum requirement for this undertaking. Slowing things down and easing off the accelerator of turbulence “Broken Paradigm of Worth” builds the mountain once more with a longer piece that is so caustic it burns the ear canals like a California reaper burns the throat. A cover of the Gorgoroth classic “Possessed by Satan” finds Xenomorph joined by drummer Nil for a ramage through the backwoods. It has the hallmarks of the True Norwegian Black Metal original but the style of this project, making this homage a lightening bolt from a wrathful God. Vicious and unrelenting, it closes on a sample that reminds that in order to play Black Metal you have to be a warrior and to be fair, you have to be to listen to this as well [7/10]

Track Listing

  1. Die Kraft Arbeit
  2. Punition Qui Fait Mal
  3. Broken Paradigm of Worth
  4. Possessed by Satan (Gorgoroth Cover)

Nihilistic Rustbelt Black Metal II” by Xenomorph is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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