Review: “Annihilation” by Plaguebreeder

Inspired by such bands as Immortal, Behemoth and Dark Funeral, 2010 saw the birth of Plaguebreeder in Lahti, Finland. A decade of aggression has followed with the trio who now comprise Ardeath (vocals, bass, orchestra), Klaath (guitar) and Kalmisto (drums) waging war on the planet in Extreme Metal. Originally entitled “Misanthropy”, the bands fourth in all, was recorded between 2018 and 2020 at Inka Studio at Orimattila Finland with Rainer Pekkinen before being mixed and mastered by Jere K and rebranded “Annihilation“.

Everyone in Metal talks up their latest release as being the best record they’ve ever made using all kinds of adjectives to describe their improvements and Plaguebreeder are no different in that regard. This time out they have added a completely new element in the orchestrations, something that gives their sound that epic and symphonic touch and a richness that wasn’t previously part of their endeavours or even something we could have seen upon their horizon. The record is a concept release of sorts with themes of War leading to end of days running through its black heart along with that sense of impending doom.


The icy cold winds blow for “Dawn of the Thermonuclear Era” with a radio esq sample playing out like it’s July 1945 and the plutonium based implosion device which yielded 19 kilotons, creating a crater over 300 metres wide when it was detonated in New Mexico, at the Alamogordo Test Range. The music then bursts into life declaring the end of days with “The Root of Extinction“, a full on chest beater of a track that cuts a Blacked Death Metal path with raging blast beats and staccato riffage galore. The orchestrations add a highlight with moments reminiscent of US Deathcore collective Winds of Plague while Ardeath’s vocals sever flesh from bone as the black winds flow from his throat. “I Believe in Misanthropy” continues the onslaught of rampant drumming from Kalmisto that drives the nails of the vocal barbs home while the speed and energy of the riffs gives the Tasmanian Devil a whirlwind run for his money. Gunfire samples reign throughout “Children of War“, another brutal cut that discusses the horrors of war with a cinematic edge given by that Orchestration that lifts everything to a new level. It’s not big enough in the mix to dominate but provides and undercurrent and builds on the depth of the sound that makes its presence felt. The end of the World brought about by ecological catastrophy is depicted in “The Arrival of Fire“, a relentless dark affair that brings a weight and gravity to its tale with punishing rhythmic battery that pummels you into submission the best possible way. A near 10 minute piece of epic music it has the gargantuan stature of a towering mythical beast. If you’re not headbanging to this apocalyptic future story then your heart is truly made of stone [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Dawn of the Thermonuclear Era (Intro)
  2. The Root of Extinction
  3. I Believe in Misanthropy
  4. Children of War
  5. The Arrival of Fire

Annihilation” by Plaguebreeder is out now via Inverse Records

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